Caine’s Arcade

I received the link to the short film by Nirvan Mullick the other day called “Caine’s Arcade”. Apparently it is all the buzz on the internet and now I see why. This film is so inspiring it brought me to tears out of pure joy, that right there solidified the fact that I needed to forward this to all of my friends so they could share in my crying out of joy.

It’s the story of a 9 year old boy from L.A. who built a cardboard arcade out of the back of his father’s auto parts store.  His passion to create what he loved for the sheer joy of it was inspiring but the kind heartedness of Nirvan and the people in L.A. just brought it all together.  Caine’s determination to never give up and continue creating what he loved was truly an inspiring story that I must share with everyone else who hasn’t already seen it. Now let’s all move forward this weekend to try to make our stamp on the world and help out the Caine’s in this world. Take a moment to stop and smell the roses, to stop and talk to someone you wouldn’t typically talk to or just take those two seconds to make someone’s day a little brighter. You never know what you’re capable of!



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