Consigning…a new business venture!


With spring and summer upon us and a lot of new happenings in my life this just seems to be a busy time of year. But just because you’re busy doesn’t mean  you need to stop looking for new opportunities or cut certain parts out of your life to make it more hectic. When I’m busy that’s when I strive. It gives me that extra oomph that I need and gets my adrenaline going!

Right now I’m planning our summer vacation, getting ready for a new baby and trying to get some new murals done in my sons room and the new nursery. With that said I thought it was also a good time to try something new that I have never done before…consigning!

I found a local boutique/gallery located in a quaint town of Little Italy in Cleveland. I’ll have my stuff in the shop just in time for ArtWalk. This excites me yet terrifies me at the same time. It’s so exciting to try new things and make yourself known but at the same time I’m really hoping I can make enough stuff to make it through ArtWalk weekend and still have inventory for the rest of June. So exciting!

I’m creating a whole new line for summer as well so it’s creating and working with my brand new designs in this crazy time, I love it. I have a pic of my new necklaces in progress above. I hope you guys like them, please feel free to comment and let me know your thoughts and suggestions!!!



My exciting news!!!

It’s time to share my ever exciting news with everyone! This September we’re expecting a little baby boy! His big brother is so excited for the news. We can’t wait for the day to come and I’ll be sure to share my excitement over the next few months. With the new baby comes new inspiration for little knitted hats and illustrations and paintings. I can’t wait!