Finding Inspiration Around You!

We all hit a rut at some point in our careers where you just begin to wonder if following your dreams is going to really get you to your end goal, your dream! Over the past couple of weeks I began to hit that rut and wondering if I’m doing the right thing. Trying to find inspiration among all of the nay sayers was posing to be a problem. Then things began to fall into place, staying with my positive attitude paid off. I started my new consignment opportunity in a great little shop in Cleveland, attended an Artwalk in Cleveland where I met a lot of great artists and heard a lot of great stories of inspiration, attended another artfest this past weekend where I met even more artists, many of which are just starting out just like me and then Friday morning I woke up to yet another sale only this time it was 2 illustration prints! Seeing an order of two items just really made my morning, no it made my weekend!


I started to lose faith in myself and started listening to all of the negativity around me but then realized we all go through this. You need to reach out to like-minded people, to other artists, writers, musicians and share your thoughts and ideas and help motivate each other.  Don’t be afraid to talk to artists you don’t know, if you don’t talk to them you’ll never network and build relationships, you’ll stay in your own world going in circles. There are so many great people out there who are willing to help you and wanting to hear your story. Let’s all try to reach out to at least one new person this week and learn a new story and inspiration. Please feel free to share all of your stories on here, I would love to hear the many great stories that you find out there!


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