Open Mind and Open Eyes

Ideas are all around us if we keep our eyes and minds open. I found myself having a date night with my boyfriend the other night, one of the last before the baby arrives, we went to a nice restaurant and had an awesome Italian meal and then as we’re walking back to the car he happened to glance over at the dumpsters that I conveniently parked next to. Right there as if there were rays of light shining from it was an old, wooden fruit/vegetable crate with the mesh wire and everything. Both of our eyes lit up and even though we just got done with our fancy dinner and were wearing our nice outfits we couldn’t help the urge to reach into the dumpster and grab that crate! We had just been talking about a new idea of overlaying a photo or image on a crate similar to that and low and behold the crate found us! Needless to say, we’re both super excited to work on that project this weekend J

This was just a simple reminder to us that no matter where you are or what you’re doing you can’t stop thinking about different projects and ideas out there. We always try to keep our eyes and minds open to new concepts and ideas and typically the projects that we do tend to find us. Instead of spending hours brainstorming and not getting anywhere but more frustrated we go outside, walk around, for a walk in the woods with our son and dog or in the city among a lot of other people. Ideas start to flood in if you let them. I hope everyone else has some fun weekend plans and can’t wait to see what new projects will come out of them!


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