Awesome Opportunity!

Lately I’ve had many ideas across my mind to branch out and become a true entrepreneur. I’ve known for quite a while that I want to work for myself and that I want to have a flexible schedule, I want to be able to work and be with my kids. Something I knew that was always a real possibility, not too much to ask and something to strive for. It’s been my goal for the past 8 years now and I think it’s finally coming true. One of my marketing ideas to  help promote myself was to put up simple flyers (that I made in Photoshop) around town to promote my business. I didn’t think much of it and was really hoping for just a little bite, a few phone calls and few new clients. Well, a week after hanging up 4 flyers I got my first call and it was the mother of all calls! The local news station! I did not expect this to be my first call! I’m getting two, 3 minute segments to explain my business and promote myself!

Never give up! Lesson learned, after 8 long, hard years its paying off. Always strive for what you know you can do and always reach for your goals!


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