Stats Insanity!


With fall quickly approaching I’ve started my fall line of knitted and crocheted items. Its so much fun to start some new designs and try a few new ideas out. It’s so motivating when a new design comes out as you envisioned on the first try!

I’ve started posting some of my new items to my Etsy story over the past 2 weeks time and have noticed a record number of views in my shop. This has definitely been making my month, so giddy with joy! However, today I’ve had one shop view all day. I’ve been racking my brain to figure out what’s going on and why only one view. I mean it could be worse, I could have had zero views but still frustrating to say the least.

Has anyone else had this experience???

Thinking I may go home tonight and try to get another new item posted in hopes of stirring up some more views and hopefully buyers but I just don’t understand what happened. Last Thursday was the best day (as far as stats go) I’ve had in a long time and now this Thursday went down the drain.

I won’t let it bring me down though, keep smiling, anything that’s worth it will be hard work. Continuing with my strong ambition tonight!


One thought on “Stats Insanity!

  1. Hi again! That’s great that you’ve been seeing a trend of your views going up with you bringing out fresh new products! I’ve never really tracked that, I’ve never actually looked at my views in that much detail before until just now. It’s definitely very interesting. But I would say don’t be discouraged by one day, maybe promoting on some teams or something will bring your views back up. Or putting a few of your new items on facebook, twitter, and pinterest might help some. Keep your head up, friend!


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