Feeling the Rush!

What a busy time of year, launching a new line of items for fall and winter, Christmas just around the corner and needing to get out all of the new items in time for the shoppers. Many shoppers have already begun their search for the perfect Christmas gifts. And on top of all of that getting ready for my little bundle of joy to arrive and making sure I’m ready for him any day now! Feel exhausted just thinking about it. But with that said I’m loving every minute of it.

I’m one of those people who loves to be busy, loves constantly working, but it never really feels like work because it’s what I enjoy. Trying to stay focused and on track with one task at a time, now that’s where I begin to fall apart. Wanting to do it all at once and pulling myself so thin is something that irritates my boyfriend day in and day out but he knows that I can be very stubborn at times especially when it comes to my work so he just lets me go until I crash J

Does anyone else feel this way? Are you all feeling the rush of the holidays quickly approaching? Feeling this drive and the endorphins kicking into gear?

I’m enjoying the ride while it’s here!


One thought on “Feeling the Rush!

  1. Hi from the Etsy blogging team 🙂 I definitely know that I need to be working on fall and winter products, but nothing has just sparked my imagination yet. I think it’s because I’ve been busy planning a party to celebrate the life of my Papa who passed away last year. It’s just totally been consuming my mind, the food, the decorations, invitations, what needs to be bought, cleaned, etc.. AHH! Congratulations that you will be having a little one arriving very soon! That must be so exciting! Girl or boy? I hope everything goes well with the delivery and everything 🙂


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