Crafty Weekend

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! I personally had a very crafty weekend…exactly how I like to spend my weekends. For the most part everything worked out very well, I had a shelf for my kitchen that we’re repurposing and started that project, not quite finished but hoping it will turn out as planned. I love repurposing items! Will have pics once it’s completed 🙂

Then I was contacted by someone who wanted to buy a pattern of one of my items! Now this is something I’ve thought about doing for quite a while but never got around to adding to my shop, now someone reaches out to me personally and asks if I’ll sell a pattern for one of my items. Of course! Thinking this may be a sign and time to start writign out  my patterns. Should have listened to my son last year when he recommended it to me!

Lastly, I was prepping some Christmas presents. A great idea I took from Pinterest and wanted to make some presents of the kids for the grandparents. Now the concept is really pretty easy and fun but there were a few hiccups. Live and learn! I’m ready for attempt number 2 though…this time I’ll be sure to get the wrinkles out of the paper and will be more careful pulling the paper off at the end, was too agressive in spots and tore too much and not so much in others and the paper was left behind 😦 Fear not, I will not give up…will be attempting this once again later in the week, pics to follow! If you would like to see what I’m attempting here’s the pinterest link…love it!


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