Christmas Gifts In Progress

Christmas is just around the corner and I find myself frantically finishing up a few projects before the weekend hits and the stops to families homes this holiday season begins!  One of my projects that I previously told you about was an idea sparked from ( transferring pictures onto a wooden board. It’s a unique and rustic idea that I think would fit into all of the grandmother’s homes. I just had my second son and putting the grandkids pics onto the boards seemed like the perfect idea.

I’ve spent a little time perfecting my technique before starting the final boards that we’ll be giving away this year. The idea she gives is awesome and seems easy enough, a little gel medium, a photo copy of a picture and some mod podge, how hard could it be. Well I spread my gel medium on and laid the photo face down, waited until the next morning and started rubbing away at the paper. Two things learned from that single attempt…do not lay too much gel medium down, the photo will stick to a very thin layer. If you apply the medium too thickly then it will cause wrinkles in the paper and the medium will squish out on the sides and leave a residue visible to the eye.

Second lesson learned, do not vigorously rub the paper off! Silly me thought the picture was now embedded in the wood and medium and I needed to get every bit of that paper off and in the first attempt. Not so, the photo will come off and you may tear bits and pieces of it off. After many different attempts and techniques I’ve come to my best method which is to lightly rub the paper off, slowly and lightly is the technique. Let the paper dry and go over it again and repeat. I found that it took me about 3 times of removing the paper before it was mostly off. Once you have a very faint layer of paper fibers left then you’re ready for the mod podge. (Note if you can see splotches of paper left on the photo and think the mod podge will absorb and cover it up you’re wrong, trust me.) Now just mod podge and let dry! Viola!


Love this project, here’s a pic of my work in progress. Once I have the completed projects done I’ll get those posted for you. They are turning out great though, so many possibilities with this one technique. Let your creativity run free!


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