New Years Resolutions

It’s that time of year again, the turn of a new year is upon us and we’re all ready to ring in 2013!

In preparation of the new year I, like many of you, have been planning out my goals and aspirations for the new year. So much excitement to come in 2013 and so much to strive for, this is the first year I’ve been excited to make my resolutions.

One of the new things that I’m going to implement this year is going to be a sketch a week, now this may turn into a sketch a day but right now with the new baby and working full time and trying to start my own business on the side once a week sounds like a better committment. Now I’m just trying to decide what this sketch a week should be and I’m hoping that you may want to help  me. What are your thoughts? I’m thinking a different face each week or maybe an animal or even just a different idea each week. What would you like to see? I will be posting these quick sketches on my blog each week so be on the look out!

What goals is everyone else making for the new year? I wish everyone the happiest of new years as we begin the adventure of 2013!!!


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