Knitters & Crocheters Site


Now how have I missed this!! While going through a few blogs this morning I ran acrossed this site now this is nothing new but somehow I’ve managed to miss out on all of it’s greatness until now!

I just signed up this morning so I guess I can’t toot too many horns but from what I’m seeing it’s going to be a great resource for me. I can post my projects and creations, note the needles and hooks I currently have, bookmark my favorite items for inspiration, talk to others about projects that I’m working on or they’re working on or anything about knitting and crocheting for that matter. You can also find information on different yarns and even free patterns and shopping!

If you enjoy knitting or crocheting I think you should definitely check this out and if you would like to find me on there my username is mahager. Can’t wait to talk to all of you there!


Creative weekend

As I’m sitting here watching the snow fall around me once again I’m really itching to knit something new this weekend!! I know I have  a few skeins of yarn that I bought just because they were on sale with nothing in mind for them. Think I might break them out this weekend and start a new scarf or hat!

I feel like I’ve spent this entire week very business and goal oriented and I need this break to make something and be a little creative!

This week has brought me:

– Product Marketing Breakthrough

– Implementing many marketing techniques I’ve been jotting down

– Creating my pitch

– Registering for a Business Start-Up Class

– Working on new product descriptions

– Changing up SEO tags

I’m sure there’s more to this list but let’s just say it’s been busy and draining. Can’t wait to knit this weekend! Annnnd can’t wait to see if all of my efforts start paying off!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Product Marketing Breakthrough

This week I’ve been watching a great series of videos from Andreea Ayers called the Product Marketing Breakthrough. She’s only shared 2 out of 4 so far but they are fabulous and full of valuable information and great ideas.

Today and this weekend my goal is to implement some of the things she spoke on including changing my product descriptions, creating an opt-in list and of course taking new photos or at least starting a light box to take my photos in!

I highly recommend any small businesses or businesses that are looking to grow in 2013 to watch these videos, she’s going to be sharing 2 more with us next week and you’ll be able to watch all 4 of them until the end of the month.

Get on over to and check out her first 2 videos, you won’t regret it!

Calling All Small Businesses


Are you a small business owner or know someone that is running their own small business?

My friend, Carlyn, is going to be featuring small businesses on her photography blog in the coming weeks and would love to hear from any small business owners out there. Your business does not need to be photography she would love to hear from any and all small business owners out there. Just have a fun, carefree and exciting attitude about your business and she’ll feature you.

If interested please visited her blog at

Thanks for helping to spread the word and good luck!

Let’s Get Organized!

Many people vow to get more organized with the start of a new year, I guess I’m no different there. My workspace is so cluttered it has a tendency of spreading throughout the house from time to time so we’re adding more storage and changing up the atmosphere of our house this  year. We’re tired of the beige walls, we bought a house so we could be creative and do whatever we wanted to the house.

A few months ago we went to the Habitat for Humanity Restore and while walking around we found this wonderful hutch for $15. It was all real wood and a great piece, just needed a little sanding and paint and TLC. For $15 we couldn’t beat it, so we took it home where it sat in our garage waiting for us to fix it up! Right before Christmas we finally decided on the coloring and plans for the kitchen, we wanted something fun and festive. Our kitchen is a place where everyone seems to gather and we wanted it to be very welcoming. Now many of you may think we’re crazy but we decided to paint the hutch orange! And we’re going to paint the walls a fun, bright green. The hutch has now been painted and we just got it up on our wall this past weekend. We still need to put some finish coats on the drawers but here it is:


Almost finished!

This piece is perfect for us, we were lacking storage in our kitchen and were tired of it being cluttered. When you keep your eyes open and keep an open mind when going through salvage and thrift stores you never know what you’re going to find. The shelves on this piece are going to hold random kitchen gadgets, there will be 4 little drawers on the bottom left where we can store take out menus and pens and batteries and random crap that collects in your kitchen, underneath we’re going to be putting up some dowl rods to hang our pots and pans from and the mirror on the right just makes the room look a little larger and is perfect for when you’re grabbing your coffee and ready to run out the door, take a quick peak make sure your  hair isn’t sticking up and out the door you go!

I’ll have another picture once it’s done and organized and then of course once the kitchen is painted! Can’t wait for it to come together!

Does anyone else have any great finds for their new year? Any good suggestions on organization? I’d love to hear them!

Week 2 Begins

Week two is just beginning and I’ve come to the realization that my doodle-a-day is much harder than I anticipated it being! I’ve been yearning to paint and draw illustrations again which is why I’m choosing to draw something at least once a week to help push myself to my goals. This is only the second day and I’m already finding myself in a creative block. Trying to come up with the perfect idea, not wanting something stupid and nay saying all of the ideas that run through my head, talking myself out of potentially good ideas.

Scrap the first piece of paper.

Grab the paper again, a Post-It pad, and just drew the first thing that came to mind. A heart. Valentine’s is right around the corner and I had a heart on my mind, from that heart I continued to draw and came up with a very cute doodle that wasn’t forced at all. Wasn’t a planned drawing, wasn’t the perfect drawing but I like what came out.

Enjoy my girl floating through the sky with heart balloons!





That’s what I’ve decided my drawings will be…let’s see where this takes us!

Week 1 – Random Sketch


Here we are with week 1 of January 2013 almost over. I made a commitment to myself and everyone for that matter, that I would do AT LEAST one sketch a week in 2013. I know I’m not going to have time tonight and Saturday’s somehow fly by so here’s my VERY quick random sketch for the week. I promise next week will be something a little better perhaps even a 5 minute sketch. Hmmm, still thinking nature, perhaps trees I’m loving trees right now. It will be a surprise.

Everyone enjoy your weekend and get creative!!