Week 2 Begins

Week two is just beginning and I’ve come to the realization that my doodle-a-day is much harder than I anticipated it being! I’ve been yearning to paint and draw illustrations again which is why I’m choosing to draw something at least once a week to help push myself to my goals. This is only the second day and I’m already finding myself in a creative block. Trying to come up with the perfect idea, not wanting something stupid and nay saying all of the ideas that run through my head, talking myself out of potentially good ideas.

Scrap the first piece of paper.

Grab the paper again, a Post-It pad, and just drew the first thing that came to mind. A heart. Valentine’s is right around the corner and I had a heart on my mind, from that heart I continued to draw and came up with a very cute doodle that wasn’t forced at all. Wasn’t a planned drawing, wasn’t the perfect drawing but I like what came out.

Enjoy my girl floating through the sky with heart balloons!





That’s what I’ve decided my drawings will be…let’s see where this takes us!


One thought on “Week 2 Begins

  1. love the doodle!! who cares if it’s not a van gogh painting, letting creativity seep out even in the form of a quick doodle will prep your brain for greatness when you’re ready to create a bigger project! love the whimsy of it 🙂

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