I love being busy and this week is definitely no exception! Saturday I worked on the first of two murals


And here’s the sketch on the actual wall


And I started sketches for the second one which will get started on this Saturday. I also had an interview for a social media position (which I’m really hoping I get!). It really sounds like a dream situation for me! Just a few hours a week on the side, working from home, doing what I do on a regular basis for myself anyway and it’s for a great company! As if I don’t already have enough coals in my fire 🙂 In between that I’ve been working on a new scarf/cowl, was originally going to be a unisex super chunky scarf but halfway through I decided to turn it into a super chunky cowl. That should be finished in the next day or two, can’t wait!


It’s been a slow month with Etsy but at least I have a few other things going on to keep me busy and not to mention bring in a little extra income!

What’s everyone else working on??? Hope you’re all keeping warm these last few weeks of winter!


Birthday Giveaway!!!

This day only comes around once a year and I’m glad that you are all here to help me celebrate…it’s my birthday!!! In order to properly celebrate this occassion I’m offering to you…

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Thanks so much for celebrating my birthday with me and good luck!!!

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Birthday Surprise!

Just a quick little blog post for today…my birthday is just two days away and in order to celebrate we’re going to be having a giveaway!!!

I can’t wait!

Stay tuned and check in at my Facebook page to get the latest news!!!!

More to come in 2 days! 🙂

Chinese New Year

Many of you may not know this but the Chinese New Year just started on February 10th, the year of the Snake. Now I’m not the year of the snake nor do I know anyone really close to me that is the year of the snake however, I find the Chinese New Year very interesting. I often find myself looking up the characteristics of each year to find out more about myself or my loved ones. I know, I know, many of you are probably shaking your heads thinking it’s bologna but I think it’s very interesting, though I take it all with a grain of salt I still enjoy reading it.

Chinese New Year 2013

Now, I’ve been trying to think of my next project and as I was sitting in my house the other day looking at some of the empty frames and blank canvases that I have I just kept circling back to things that I had read up on the Chinese New Years. Then it dawned on me, my next project will be based on the Chinese New Years! I currently have 4 5″ x 7″ shadow boxes at home that are matted so the picture area is about 4″ x 6″, I’m planning on doing 4 pen and ink drawings in the classic Asian style to fit the Chinese characters of my family.

Once my initial 4 drawings are complete I plan on expanding out into all of the other animals in the Chinese Zodiac. But to begin I think I’m going to start with my youngest son, the year of the dragon, then to follow (in no specific order) will be:




Cannot wait to get this project started! I’ve been really eager to start working in pen and ink again, I’ve had absolutely no time since the birth of my son but he’s a little bigger now and doesn’t need my undivided attention 24/7…now I get a little me time back.

Stay tuned to see my work in progress and completed illustrations!

One Skein Project

Since having my baby this past fall I’ve been itching to create a few smaller items to get back into the groove and I knew I had this fabulous skein of yarn sitting in my stash. It was a super soft and fuzzy amethyst yarn that I absolutely loved yet never knew exactly what to make out of it. It was one of those finds that you know you have to buy it but you have no real project in mind when you get it. And now sitting in my living room thinking of this skein I knew whatever it was going to be it needed to be a small project, perfect for the mood that I was in. As the night went on I kept thinking about that yarn and the projects that I knew I could complete with just one skein and it came to me, a new headwrap! This skein would be perfect for a headwrap because it’s soooo very soft, it would feel amazing on. So I began knitting with no real pattern in mind….


As I continued to knit this beautiful headwrap I decided to create a nice wavy pattern in the middle and wanted to give it a button closure on the back. Ideas always seem to come to me as I’m working my way through a project. Sometimes they turn out and sometimes they don’t and they need a little modification but this headwrap turned out beautifully. I adorned the back closure with two pearlescent buttons and it’s complete!


More pics and headwrap will be available in my shop soon! I’ll post the link for anyone interested by the weekend!

And if you’re interested in a free pattern of this headwrap please shout out!



Here’s the link to the wonderful headband!

Week In Review

This week has been a fabulous week for business. Been feeling like I’ve been burning the candle from both ends lately but I think things are finally starting to take off. Though the holidays kept me busy I was still curious what 2013 would bring for me, was hoping that everything would work out as I had imagined.

Honestly, I think if you truly believe in yourself and what you do it will pay off and I’m seeing that happen right in front of my eyes and it feels good!

First off, if you haven’t already, please check out my featured blog at sooo excited and yes I’m already seeing business coming in from the blog and it’s only been posted for 2 days, yes 2 days! If you would like any custom items please contact me or if you’re a small business and would like to get featured please contact Carlyn, she’s great to work with and will be more than happy to feature you and your business!


Second, it’s official and I’m soooooo very excited! I now officially own yep that’s right, I own my own domain! Please go check it out and let me know your thoughts! The site that is up is only temporary, though it looks fabulous it was a free template and I plan on making a more permanent site once I have a little time so PLEASE give me your honest opinion so I can make the changes to my new site.

Thanks so much for any and all input and thank you for all of the love and support!