One Skein Project

Since having my baby this past fall I’ve been itching to create a few smaller items to get back into the groove and I knew I had this fabulous skein of yarn sitting in my stash. It was a super soft and fuzzy amethyst yarn that I absolutely loved yet never knew exactly what to make out of it. It was one of those finds that you know you have to buy it but you have no real project in mind when you get it. And now sitting in my living room thinking of this skein I knew whatever it was going to be it needed to be a small project, perfect for the mood that I was in. As the night went on I kept thinking about that yarn and the projects that I knew I could complete with just one skein and it came to me, a new headwrap! This skein would be perfect for a headwrap because it’s soooo very soft, it would feel amazing on. So I began knitting with no real pattern in mind….


As I continued to knit this beautiful headwrap I decided to create a nice wavy pattern in the middle and wanted to give it a button closure on the back. Ideas always seem to come to me as I’m working my way through a project. Sometimes they turn out and sometimes they don’t and they need a little modification but this headwrap turned out beautifully. I adorned the back closure with two pearlescent buttons and it’s complete!


More pics and headwrap will be available in my shop soon! I’ll post the link for anyone interested by the weekend!

And if you’re interested in a free pattern of this headwrap please shout out!



Here’s the link to the wonderful headband!


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