Chinese New Year

Many of you may not know this but the Chinese New Year just started on February 10th, the year of the Snake. Now I’m not the year of the snake nor do I know anyone really close to me that is the year of the snake however, I find the Chinese New Year very interesting. I often find myself looking up the characteristics of each year to find out more about myself or my loved ones. I know, I know, many of you are probably shaking your heads thinking it’s bologna but I think it’s very interesting, though I take it all with a grain of salt I still enjoy reading it.

Chinese New Year 2013

Now, I’ve been trying to think of my next project and as I was sitting in my house the other day looking at some of the empty frames and blank canvases that I have I just kept circling back to things that I had read up on the Chinese New Years. Then it dawned on me, my next project will be based on the Chinese New Years! I currently have 4 5″ x 7″ shadow boxes at home that are matted so the picture area is about 4″ x 6″, I’m planning on doing 4 pen and ink drawings in the classic Asian style to fit the Chinese characters of my family.

Once my initial 4 drawings are complete I plan on expanding out into all of the other animals in the Chinese Zodiac. But to begin I think I’m going to start with my youngest son, the year of the dragon, then to follow (in no specific order) will be:




Cannot wait to get this project started! I’ve been really eager to start working in pen and ink again, I’ve had absolutely no time since the birth of my son but he’s a little bigger now and doesn’t need my undivided attention 24/7…now I get a little me time back.

Stay tuned to see my work in progress and completed illustrations!


2 thoughts on “Chinese New Year

  1. I cant want to see what you create in relation to chinese new year! I celebrated Chinese new year with my family so its a big thing with my family. I’m a dragon so my year was last year and it was a great year for me

    1. Thanks Joelle, I’m really excited to get started on it! I have a couple ideas for the dragon so that will be my first one, I need to get a couple of sketches out first so I can finalize the idea for the drawing first.

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