I love being busy and this week is definitely no exception! Saturday I worked on the first of two murals


And here’s the sketch on the actual wall


And I started sketches for the second one which will get started on this Saturday. I also had an interview for a social media position (which I’m really hoping I get!). It really sounds like a dream situation for me! Just a few hours a week on the side, working from home, doing what I do on a regular basis for myself anyway and it’s for a great company! As if I don’t already have enough coals in my fire 🙂 In between that I’ve been working on a new scarf/cowl, was originally going to be a unisex super chunky scarf but halfway through I decided to turn it into a super chunky cowl. That should be finished in the next day or two, can’t wait!


It’s been a slow month with Etsy but at least I have a few other things going on to keep me busy and not to mention bring in a little extra income!

What’s everyone else working on??? Hope you’re all keeping warm these last few weeks of winter!


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