Frustration got the best of me…

My week started off very hopeful and I couldn’t wait for my business seminar on Tuesday evening but I ended up letting my frustrations get the best of me. I think the lack of sleep and working for 8 hours got to me when it came time for the seminar. I drove downtown and found the building without a hitch then it came to park. Now let me explain, parking is not my best feature! Especially parallel parking so parking downtown in a city never excites me. I arrived about 15 minutes early, thinking oh plenty of time to find a spot and walk to the building not a problem. About 25 minutes later I’m now late for the class drove in about 100 circles around many blocks and could only find “no parking” signs or “bus loading and unloading zone” lots that said “Faculty and staff”, “unauthorized vehicles will be towed”.


Frustrated, annoyed, tired and hungry I texted my boyfriend and said I was coming home.

The good news is that there’s another seminar coming up in two weeks and my boyfriend said we’ll drive downtown ahead of time and find a couple of parking options for me. I’m definitely making it to the next seminar! And if I can’t find a place to park I’m calling the department to have them walk me through it!

Haha maybe I should just stay in the suburbs!

In the meantime I thought I would share with you pics of my two recent murals, I realized that I hadn’t posted any completion pics!

Here’s the picture of my full wall mural of SenSource, I sketched out the ‘S’ for them and they had a professional painter and his crew fill in the blocks of color. 20130306_085017

And my mural for Stefko’s Tavern, this one was approximately 4’ x 4’ and I originally wanted to project the image to the wall but unfortunately it was in a hallway and I wouldn’t be able to get the projection image to the right size so this was freehand with a straightedge and protractor! Very proud of the lettering and exact angles!



2 thoughts on “Frustration got the best of me…

  1. For Melissa:
    sorry that you got frustrated with the parking but at least their’s another opportunity for you coming up in 2 weeks, so you wont be missing too much! lol

  2. Parking is always annoying for me too! I hate not being able to find a spot. I hope you do get to go to the next seminar. Your murals are really great!

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