New Spring Ventures

Thank you so much to everyone that took time to share my pin on and who participated in my contest for my cord necklace. I truly appreciate everyone’s love and support. I announced the winner to my Repin-to-Win contest on Monday on Facebook and Twitter but realize that not everyone may be checking those sources, the winner is Hannah from Hubbard, OH! Congratulations Hannah!!!

With spring right around the corner and another craft show in the works I’ve been thinking about a few new items to add to my line and I’m thinking something along the lines of crocheted jewelry. Be on the lookout for new necklaces and bracelets in the coming weeks!

Also, I’m currently working with a local business to get a new ad placed for my mural and illustration business. I’m looking to grow that side of things throughout the year and am super excited for what’s to come. I have so many ideas floating around in my head that I can’t wait to get them out on paper! Before I came to work this morning I was even double checking my illustration board and pens and taking stock of what I have, daydreaming of what to draw first! Eeeek! So excited!

Everyone, have a great weekend! I know I’ll be enjoying the warmer weather that’s finally coming our way!!!


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