Product Marketing Breakthrough is currently running a contest for any entrepreneurs out there who would like to win free memberships to their training. In order to win the membership I need to tell them why I want and deserve to win, so in short here is why I would love to win one of the lifetime memberships to their training program!

I currently run my own creative business consisting of knits/crochets, illustration drawings and paintings and mural work. I just started my business about 2 years ago on Etsy primarily with knits and crochets but am now in the process of transitioning my business to focus more on illustrations and murals, while still offering my knitted/crocheted goods on the side and as free gifts with any original artwork purchase.

I think the lifetime membership through PMB will change my business because it will help give me a sense of direction in growing my business, finding the right clients and making sure that I’m getting in front of them and giving them the right message about me and my business. If I could confidently and accurately do this I believe that my business would truly take off. I’ve been using social media, craft shows and word of mouth for the past two years and am finally seeing the hard work pay off but I know things could grow leaps and bounds with the right tools and knowledge. I’m ready to learn all of the lessons that they have to teach and hope to pick their brain with all of my questions.

In 3 years I see my business thriving, to the point that I will be able to quit my day job (hopefully sooner than 3 years) and focus on my artwork fulltime. I plan on bringing in a steady income with original artwork, prints and custom orders from around the world. I hope to not only offer my work in online galleries but also display some of my work in physical galleries and participate in craft/art shows in the local and hopefully national level. I plan to have a business that will practically run itself by means of traffic and word of mouth, I hope that people will begin to recognize my name in passing and recognize my work with a certain style all my own. As my business expands and grows I also plan on giving back and will do so by donating a portion of my sales to a local animal charity Paws and Prayers (this is where we got our dog from and they are fabulous to work with).




  1. This was such a good and inspiring read! I hope to see my etsy shop turn into a full time job one day too, but that’s still a far way off for me since I’m still in college. All the best 🙂

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