Cornhole bags are here!!!

It’s that time of year again, Cornhole!!! If you live in the Midwest you’re probably familiar with the game cornhole and now that spring is here and Memorial Day is upon us it’s time for everyone to break out their boards and dust them off for their picnics!

This also means that I’m open for business for anyone that would like custom cornhole bags! I’m currently working on my first order (fire & ice), should be done tonight but have many others in the works for sale.

WIP Squares
WIP Squares

This time of year always keeps me busy but I love my sewing machine so I really don’t mind. Right now I have Browns and Steelers fabrics as well as two different kinds of John Deere fabric (you need opposing teams!) I believe I also have two different Steelers patterns as well, I’ll be taking pics of the fabrics to post as well. Or if you would prefer a different theme just let me know, I’m planning on making bags for my kids this summer as well so I’m sure those will be something cute!

Any of the custom pattern fabrics will be of regular cotton fabric but lined with duck cloth to insure its stability over repeated use. As always if you would just like solid colors I can do that with the duck cloth alone. All of my bags are triple stitched to insure that they will last all summer long with no tears or holes along the seams. The last thing you want is to have corn flying out of your bag!

The cost of my bags are $20 no matter the pattern or color, if you’re out of state you’ll also need to pay shipping fee’s but if you’re local I can deliver them to you. If you have any questions or would like to place an order feel free to comment above or email me at

Thank you!


Mental Escape

I don’t know about you but this weather is absolutely gorgeous and my family and I are trying to enjoy every moment of it! It’s soooo hard to go inside to get stuff done when the sun is shining and we have a nice 80 degree day with no humidity…you don’t get many of these days in Ohio!

I find it’s often more rewarding to take a mental break and step outside, live, laugh and love with the family and just escape your daily norm. I typically feel a little guilty for enjoying my moment for a couple of minutes before I let the sun warm me and I begin my escape. These moments are so rejuvenating, a guilty pleasure of sorts, but at the end of the day you’re feeling so refreshed and all of the ideas start flowing in. I’m beginning to feel like myself again and ideas are beginning to come back to me. Here are a few pics of me and my boys enjoying the sunny afternoon.

Me and my boys!
Me and my boys!



I hope everyone else is enjoying their days!

Whirlwind Weekend!

First off I would like to thank everyone for their prayers! Prayer is a wonderful thing and thankfully everything that we were waiting on this week turned out to be ok! I feel like we can continue living our lives again. But it was definitely a wakeup call on just how short life can be and not to take anything for granted you gotta live each day to its fullest!

This weekend is no exception, it’s going to be packed full of fun starting tonight. My older son is in cub scouts and we’ll be heading to the zoo for an overnight trip. Yep, that’s right we’re sleeping at the zoo, in the aquarium building with the Komodo dragon! Going to be a great time, oh and did I mention the kids get to feed the penguins?!? Too cool, he’s definitely going to remember this trip! Then on our way back home we’re stopping at my “mother-in-law’s” for a Mother’s Day dinner, oh and to pick up the little guy and Rex! Sunday we’re apparently doing a little Mother’s Day shopping, not sure what we’re shopping for but that should be fun!

In between all of that I’ll try to get some WIP pics of my necklaces, finally have the supplies for those, and my Day of the Dead drawing (haven’t made much progress on this over the past week, just preoccupied but I’m planning on finishing it next week!). So much to do and so little time but we’re making the most of it!

What are your fun weekend plans?? Hopefully everyone is remembering mom this weekend! 🙂 Please share and I’ll definitely be posting pics from our zoo trip soon!

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Say a little prayer…

I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve posted any work in progress pics or had any great stories to share about my new work or even added new items to my shop. I’ve been a little stressed out lately and have some personal stuff going on right now but will hopefully get some answers to everything this week.

Knock on wood…the answers will be good news!

And hopefully I’ll be able to get back on track in no time. Trying to use my art to take my mind off of things and to help me relax but sometimes you just want to crawl under the blankets and hide.

I am however sketching out my Day of the Dead picture and will hopefully have some WIP pics coming soon. It seems to be the only distraction I have going on right now and is sadly fitting for my personal life. Hopefully with the emotional drain that’s going into it, it will turn out beautifully! I’m seeing a lot of color but a lot of sadness as well.

Good things are to come.

In the meantime please keep my family in your prayers!

Thanks for the love and patience!

Spring work…errrr maybe!

The weather around here has been absolutely beautiful lately, I definitely cannot complain! I am not a winter or snow person at all, I mean I love to look at the snow and I think it’s pretty but I hate being cold and I hate driving through the snow and having to shovel it…bring on summer!

With the change in seasons I’m finding that I’m being flooded with new ideas for projects and many of them are color filled! I cannot wait to work with color in the coming days, just started a new drawing for the Day of the Dead. I know, I know, wrong season but hey it’s color filled and it’s what struck me most so I’m going with it! I never like to shoot down ideas that pop into my head, I find that when I go with the flow those projects turn out the best, when I try to force an idea that’s when they flop!

Hey, you never know come October and November I may have an urge to draw flower blossoms…just go with it!

What new projects are you working on? Anything spring like for the season or something completely off the wall like me?!

Whatever it is I hope you enjoy!