Whirlwind Weekend!

First off I would like to thank everyone for their prayers! Prayer is a wonderful thing and thankfully everything that we were waiting on this week turned out to be ok! I feel like we can continue living our lives again. But it was definitely a wakeup call on just how short life can be and not to take anything for granted you gotta live each day to its fullest!

This weekend is no exception, it’s going to be packed full of fun starting tonight. My older son is in cub scouts and we’ll be heading to the zoo for an overnight trip. Yep, that’s right we’re sleeping at the zoo, in the aquarium building with the Komodo dragon! Going to be a great time, oh and did I mention the kids get to feed the penguins?!? Too cool, he’s definitely going to remember this trip! Then on our way back home we’re stopping at my “mother-in-law’s” for a Mother’s Day dinner, oh and to pick up the little guy and Rex! Sunday we’re apparently doing a little Mother’s Day shopping, not sure what we’re shopping for but that should be fun!

In between all of that I’ll try to get some WIP pics of my necklaces, finally have the supplies for those, and my Day of the Dead drawing (haven’t made much progress on this over the past week, just preoccupied but I’m planning on finishing it next week!). So much to do and so little time but we’re making the most of it!

What are your fun weekend plans?? Hopefully everyone is remembering mom this weekend! 🙂 Please share and I’ll definitely be posting pics from our zoo trip soon!

Happy Mother’s Day!!!


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