Mental Escape

I don’t know about you but this weather is absolutely gorgeous and my family and I are trying to enjoy every moment of it! It’s soooo hard to go inside to get stuff done when the sun is shining and we have a nice 80 degree day with no humidity…you don’t get many of these days in Ohio!

I find it’s often more rewarding to take a mental break and step outside, live, laugh and love with the family and just escape your daily norm. I typically feel a little guilty for enjoying my moment for a couple of minutes before I let the sun warm me and I begin my escape. These moments are so rejuvenating, a guilty pleasure of sorts, but at the end of the day you’re feeling so refreshed and all of the ideas start flowing in. I’m beginning to feel like myself again and ideas are beginning to come back to me. Here are a few pics of me and my boys enjoying the sunny afternoon.

Me and my boys!
Me and my boys!



I hope everyone else is enjoying their days!


2 thoughts on “Mental Escape

  1. awh love those pics of you and your children. enjoy the weather! you could also bring your work outside, that’s what I’ve been doing 🙂

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