Getting Out of Your Creative Rut

Do you ever find yourself in a creative rut, or any rut for that matter? Where nothing seems to interest you and you feel like a lost sheep?

I’ve been finding myself in that place over the past week and I’m not quite sure why. I mean there are always stresses in my life but I don’t think it’s anything out of the ordinary. The last time I found myself in a rut I told myself that I was going to write down any future idea’s that come through my head. The ideas that I don’t have time to create at that moment and when I find myself in a future rut I will refer to my list and continue on my creative venture.

Well, I pulled out that list of ideas last night and read through it. These are ideas that I thought were amazing at the time and could not wait to start after my current project was done. But as I read through the list I found myself not being interested in a single one.

I found myself thinking was that really that great of an idea?

Maybe I should remove that from my list.

I feel like my negative think was just trying to take over and trying to keep me in my rut! Today is a new day however and I’m thinking…I’m just going to pick one of my ideas and roll with it. See what turns out. I mean what’s the worst that could happen it may not turn out as awesome as I originally imagined and I’ll do it again once I’m in a better state of mind right? What’s the best that could happen? It could pull me out of my rut and spin me into a new creative state of mind!

I think when you’re in that state of mind, thinking negativity and just not going anywhere you need to force yourself out of it. Misery loves company and I don’t have room for that, I want my happy thoughts back. It’s ok to veg for a day or two but most of the time vegging out on the couch doesn’t make me feel good, just pushes me further down.

Has anyone else had these ruts? Have you found good ways to pull yourself out? I recommend trying the idea list to help kick start your ideas!

Oh and in the meantime, here’s a new pic of my little garden 🙂 We now have little peppers, zucchini, tomatoes and the cauliflower just blossomed yesterday!!!



Photography…true art!

Photography has never been my medium of choice but I bought a digital SLR about a year or so ago and have been tinkering with it trying to figure out what the heck all of those buttons and switches do. Huge different from my point and shoot!

But now I must say I’m quite the fan, in fact I may get a little psychotic with it at times, especially when it involves my children! My favorite subejects!

It’s truly amazing what this camera can do once you figure it out. Now I’m not saying by any means that I completely understand photography, I still see it as a beautiful art and admire those who have the skills. I am far from saying I’m a photographer! But here are some pics that I took over the weekend of my adorable 9 month old! Time is flying by!

1014371_10101582352030874_215368232_n 1005119_10101585184534514_518291168_n1004743_10101585186325924_1338722552_n1004411_10101582353762404_2094261472_n1001851_10101585185547484_219455692_n

Can't forget my 9 yr old too!
Can’t forget my 9 yr old too!


Happy Father’s Day!!!

I cannot believe June is already halfway over and this weekend is Father’s Day!! Happy Father’s Day to all of the dad’s out there and to my father and the father of my two boys! They are both awesome dad’s and I’m so lucky to have them in my life!

My boys!
My boys!

So are you doing anything exciting for Father’s Day this weekend???

We’re just planning a nice quiet weekend at home, maybe stopping by the metro park but really just enjoying time together as a family. Not to mention my little bundle of joy turns 9 months on Sunday as well so we’ll be doing his 9 month photo shoot in our backyard J Cannot wait to see how these turn out. We’re planning on using his little red wagon and dumping some play sand out and a little pail and shovel. In my mind it’s going to be super cute! Hopefully pics to follow next week! Cannot believe he’s already 9 months, time is truly flying.

Ooh, and I almost forgot here’s a pic of the curtains that I made for the little guy last weekend! Always some project going on around the house 🙂


I hope everyone has a wonderful Father’s Day weekend!!

Summer Days and Ring Necklaces!

Summer has definitely been making its presence known around here! Last night was our first cool night in a while and it just felt downright cold after these 90 degree days!

Wonderful weather somehow always makes me want to get up and work and just get things done.

It makes me feel good!

I love the sunshine, we definitely don’t see enough sunny days around here.

I’ve been busy with many projects recently, first and foremost has been our garden in the back yard, my boyfriend has done an AMAZING job with it, it’s his little baby! Cannot wait for the plants to start fruiting! This will be my first year of canning, here’s hoping that everything goes smoothly 🙂

Veggie Garden
Veggie Garden

I also have two more orders for corn hole bags, finished two new crochet necklaces and have a third in the works and also need to start making my sons curtains for his room, I have all of the material just need to get measuring, cutting and sewing! I’m changing things up and going with a little safari theme for the nursery so I’ll soon be painting over my first mural and turning it to a safari…pics to come this summer so stay tuned!

In the meantime here are my necklaces that I’ve been working on, please stop by my Etsy shop and check out the complete listings!

5 Ring Crochet Necklace
5 Ring Crochet Necklace
3 Ring Crochet Necklace
3 Ring Crochet Necklace
New WIP Necklace
New WIP Necklace