Summer Days and Ring Necklaces!

Summer has definitely been making its presence known around here! Last night was our first cool night in a while and it just felt downright cold after these 90 degree days!

Wonderful weather somehow always makes me want to get up and work and just get things done.

It makes me feel good!

I love the sunshine, we definitely don’t see enough sunny days around here.

I’ve been busy with many projects recently, first and foremost has been our garden in the back yard, my boyfriend has done an AMAZING job with it, it’s his little baby! Cannot wait for the plants to start fruiting! This will be my first year of canning, here’s hoping that everything goes smoothly 🙂

Veggie Garden
Veggie Garden

I also have two more orders for corn hole bags, finished two new crochet necklaces and have a third in the works and also need to start making my sons curtains for his room, I have all of the material just need to get measuring, cutting and sewing! I’m changing things up and going with a little safari theme for the nursery so I’ll soon be painting over my first mural and turning it to a safari…pics to come this summer so stay tuned!

In the meantime here are my necklaces that I’ve been working on, please stop by my Etsy shop and check out the complete listings!

5 Ring Crochet Necklace
5 Ring Crochet Necklace
3 Ring Crochet Necklace
3 Ring Crochet Necklace
New WIP Necklace
New WIP Necklace




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