Photography…true art!

Photography has never been my medium of choice but I bought a digital SLR about a year or so ago and have been tinkering with it trying to figure out what the heck all of those buttons and switches do. Huge different from my point and shoot!

But now I must say I’m quite the fan, in fact I may get a little psychotic with it at times, especially when it involves my children! My favorite subejects!

It’s truly amazing what this camera can do once you figure it out. Now I’m not saying by any means that I completely understand photography, I still see it as a beautiful art and admire those who have the skills. I am far from saying I’m a photographer! But here are some pics that I took over the weekend of my adorable 9 month old! Time is flying by!

1014371_10101582352030874_215368232_n 1005119_10101585184534514_518291168_n1004743_10101585186325924_1338722552_n1004411_10101582353762404_2094261472_n1001851_10101585185547484_219455692_n

Can't forget my 9 yr old too!
Can’t forget my 9 yr old too!



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