Busy Bee’s

I don’t know about you but these summer days seem to be flying by! Never a dull moment but I must say I love every minute of it!

Things have been very busy lately, I have a lot of new illustration projects in the works and cannot wait to start photographing some of the progress.

I recently found out that I’ve been accepted to show at the WaterFire Arts Festival this August 3rd in Sharon, PA. You’ll be hearing a lot more about this festival but please stop by and show some support to all of the local artists, it’s going to be a great time! I’ve definitely been pushing myself a little harder with things since finding out about the acceptance into the show!

I’ve also just created a Pinterest page for my business so please come and follow my boards to stay on top of some of my latest works!

My boyfriend has also just found a new job and for a while we’ll be passing ships, however, we’re trying to look at the positive in this. We may not see each other too much but he’ll be able to study and get through school while I’ll be able to work on my art and get everything ready for this show and for the holidays which are quickly approaching!!

My little one turns 10 months tomorrow and our garden is growing like crazy, we’ve begun to harvest a few of the veggies and even began to can our garden grown produce!

It’s amazing that we find any time to ourselves in all of this but somehow everything seems to be working out!


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