Hale Farm

Have you ever wanted to take a simple little trip, someplace close, not super exciting but something that has been in the back of your mind and you’ve wanted to go do it for quite some time? That was this weekend for me!

Rifle Demonstration
Rifle Demonstration

Last year I decided I wanted to take my son to Hale Farm & Village, its a living museum set in the 19th century, he’s now 9 years old and I figured that’s a good time to take him and maybe learn a thing or two. Possibly even be grateful for everything that he has now. Well, we finally got to go this year and I don’t know who I was kidding…he’s a 9 year old boy who’s only loves are his KindleFire and Lego’s!

Hale Farm
Hale Farm

We did see many cool things and I think we each learned a little something. Even my son found something at the end to pull his interest in, glass blowing!!

Glass Blowing
Glass Blowing

I think every now and then you need to get out and remove yourself from reality, let yourself get away or see things from a different light. That’s exactly what this trip was for us and we all (I mean most of us) had fun!


Kitchen Time

If you’ve been following my blog over the past few weeks you’ll know that we’ve been growing a little garden in our backyard and things have slowly been coming to bloom. Things have started picking up and processing seems to be a nightly routine in our house now so we had to get a few new tools for our kitchen, love our kitchen toys…oh wait, tools.

So we just purchased our pressure canner and our dehydrator, both of which arrived this week!

Even my boys are stoked!
Even my boys are stoked!

Completely stoked and can’t wait to try out the pressure canner, MUST read the directions first though 🙂 I’ve heard plenty of stories of the canners exploding for one reason or another so that will be a weekend toy. But we’ve already put the dehydrator to the test. Last night was our first attempt at beef jerky, I know, I know, that didn’t come from our garden but still something we’ve been dying to try! Now today is dehydrated tomatoes! So many cherry tomatoes in our garden we had to figure out something to do so let’s dehydrate and pull them back out for tomato paste and such!

There was also an unexpected surprise in picking the cherry tomatoes last night, I finally found something my 9 year old enjoyed doing in the garden! Picking tomatoes, who knew! He had fun crawling between the plants and finding the red ones to pluck! Neither of us enjoy eating them but still had fun picking them.


Looks like we’re going to have a busy few weeks ahead of us as we enter fall but all of our hardwork is going to pay off this winter when we have our very own, organic, food to eat!

Branding – Roadrunner Trike

Every day seems to be an adventure in my house, yet I always seem to find a little solace come nightfall. The children are in bed and there’s a calmness in the air, that’s always the moment I like to start working on my many side projects.

This week’s new project is a branding one, I haven’t done branding or communication design in a while so I’m really shifting gears right now and I have to admit I’m having a fun time and remembering why I loved it so many years ago. I’ve plugged in my Bamboo ® tablet and am ready to take off running. However, I always find it a little funny that I sit down with all of my new technologically savvy devices and then turn around and grab the tried and true sketch pad, tracing paper and pencils! I’m still most comfortable setting things up the old school way, maybe once I play around with my fun new toys on the computer I’ll easily navigate but I just don’t use them enough.


I’m currently working on a new logo, business cards and website design for my family who’s buying a trike garage where they add trike kits to people’s motorcycles who can no longer ride like they used to but still want to ride! Above is part of my first sketch, still have a little ways to go on this design and then onto a few more options to see what style they’re going for.  I’ll let you know how the end result turns out!

New Knit Items to Come!

Fall is quickly approaching and that can only mean one thing, my knitted and crocheted items are about to take off again! I was going through my shop earlier starting to revamp a few things, deciding what needs new pics and everything when I realized that the majority of the items in my shop are sold out, which would mean they’ll all be custom orders this holiday season…I don’t think that’s exactly what I want to happen all of a sudden in November 🙂

Don’t get me wrong I love doing custom orders but when so many items would be custom and I’ll have a toddler running around my house I think I might start to lose my marbles during the holidays! As if the holidays won’t be stressful enough!

So I’ve decided that a lot of new items will be to follow, I’m currently working on a new women’s hat and a women’s ear/headband. Many children and baby hats and fingerless gloves are to follow as well. I’m getting really excited to start knitting again so if anyone has any fun ideas that they would like to see in my shop please comment below! I always appreciate everyone’s feedback and can’t wait to get a few of these items finished and posted. More updates to come!!

So Many Ideas…

As you read earlier in the week, I had a great networking weekend at the WaterFire Art’s Festival and came home with a lot of amazing ideas and concepts. Ever since then I’ve started thinking how I could implement some of those techniques and methods into my art and what it could do for my business. I’m super excited with all of the possibilities!

I feel like you often get stuck in your own little box of ideas if you don’t get out to talk to new people and see what other things are out there waiting to be discovered. And that’s exactly where I found myself, stuck in a little box. I say this because one of the artists at the festival did an awesome job as far as sales are concerned and had plenty of people questioning their work and what custom pieces they could do  and after watching this I couldn’t resist, I had to walk over and see what everyone was drooling over. Come to find out it was acrylic transfers used in a different way.

Now acrylic transfers is something I learned from Pinterest last year after a friend of mine pinned it and I fell in love with the technique however I found myself focused on only what the video showed me. Come to find out the possibilities are endless and now my mind won’t stop spinning! I haven’t had this feeling in a long time. Feeling this urge to hit up some craft stores…real soon!

Hopefully there will be a new line to my artwork coming real soon!! Eeeek!!

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WaterFire Weekend

Wow! What a weekend! Thank you everyone for stopping out at the WaterFire in Sharon, PA this weekend! Thankfully the weather held out for us and it turned into a beautiful sunny day that wasn’t too terribly hot either!

My booth!!
My booth!!

I was absolutely amazed at the number of people that showed up for the event. There was a steady stream of people all day long, moseying from vendor to vendor and then by about dinner time things really started to pick up. Unfortunately we needed to start tearing down our stands at 7, that’s when the crowd was growing to capacity of the streets! Although I didn’t get to enjoy all of the festivities of the day I did enjoy sitting in my booth hearing the many different drums playing from the State St. Bridge over the Shenango River. I did miss out on the lighting of the river but from what I saw it sure looked amazing!

Exhausted after a fun day!
Exhausted after a fun day!

If you missed out on this weekends event definitely stop out next month as they will be having a September and October show! I don’t know if I’ll be showing but it’s a guaranteed good time!


The other day I was sitting on the couch working on a new drawing while my son sat next to me watching some show on Nickelodeon ® Now he had seen me sitting there night after night working on a myriad of different drawings and projects but this time it was a dragon so it’s been catching his interest.

Now if you remember my son loves art and has even told me he wants to be an artist like me when he grows up! J

{{Warms my heart!! }}

So he’s watching me about halfway through my drawing and really starts staring at it and looks up at me and quizzically says this is a bunch of dots!?!

I smiled at him and was like yes it is, then I told him that when I work in pen and ink I prefer to work in a process called stippling, which is a method of using a bunch of little dots to create depth and movement within the piece. Then he looked up at me and asked if that’s what I did on two other pieces that flank our couch of a koi fish and phoenix. He was so intrigued he jumped up on top of the couch and just stared at each piece and looked back and told me…Most people just use colored pencils or markers and just color it all in!

To that I just smiled J

I love the inquisitive nature of children to keep learning and love teaching others about the different methods and mediums of art. Hoping to build a society of open thinkers with today’s youth! Here’s the progression drawings of my dragon!

Be sure to stop out at WaterFire in Sharon, PA this weekend, the original dragon piece will be available for purchase with a shadowbox frame! It’s sure to be a great time!!