The other day I was sitting on the couch working on a new drawing while my son sat next to me watching some show on Nickelodeon ® Now he had seen me sitting there night after night working on a myriad of different drawings and projects but this time it was a dragon so it’s been catching his interest.

Now if you remember my son loves art and has even told me he wants to be an artist like me when he grows up! J

{{Warms my heart!! }}

So he’s watching me about halfway through my drawing and really starts staring at it and looks up at me and quizzically says this is a bunch of dots!?!

I smiled at him and was like yes it is, then I told him that when I work in pen and ink I prefer to work in a process called stippling, which is a method of using a bunch of little dots to create depth and movement within the piece. Then he looked up at me and asked if that’s what I did on two other pieces that flank our couch of a koi fish and phoenix. He was so intrigued he jumped up on top of the couch and just stared at each piece and looked back and told me…Most people just use colored pencils or markers and just color it all in!

To that I just smiled J

I love the inquisitive nature of children to keep learning and love teaching others about the different methods and mediums of art. Hoping to build a society of open thinkers with today’s youth! Here’s the progression drawings of my dragon!

Be sure to stop out at WaterFire in Sharon, PA this weekend, the original dragon piece will be available for purchase with a shadowbox frame! It’s sure to be a great time!!



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