So Many Ideas…

As you read earlier in the week, I had a great networking weekend at the WaterFire Art’s Festival and came home with a lot of amazing ideas and concepts. Ever since then I’ve started thinking how I could implement some of those techniques and methods into my art and what it could do for my business. I’m super excited with all of the possibilities!

I feel like you often get stuck in your own little box of ideas if you don’t get out to talk to new people and see what other things are out there waiting to be discovered. And that’s exactly where I found myself, stuck in a little box. I say this because one of the artists at the festival did an awesome job as far as sales are concerned and had plenty of people questioning their work and what custom pieces they could do  and after watching this I couldn’t resist, I had to walk over and see what everyone was drooling over. Come to find out it was acrylic transfers used in a different way.

Now acrylic transfers is something I learned from Pinterest last year after a friend of mine pinned it and I fell in love with the technique however I found myself focused on only what the video showed me. Come to find out the possibilities are endless and now my mind won’t stop spinning! I haven’t had this feeling in a long time. Feeling this urge to hit up some craft stores…real soon!

Hopefully there will be a new line to my artwork coming real soon!! Eeeek!!

<a href=""><img src="" alt="30 day challenge" /></a>

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