New Knit Items to Come!

Fall is quickly approaching and that can only mean one thing, my knitted and crocheted items are about to take off again! I was going through my shop earlier starting to revamp a few things, deciding what needs new pics and everything when I realized that the majority of the items in my shop are sold out, which would mean they’ll all be custom orders this holiday season…I don’t think that’s exactly what I want to happen all of a sudden in November 🙂

Don’t get me wrong I love doing custom orders but when so many items would be custom and I’ll have a toddler running around my house I think I might start to lose my marbles during the holidays! As if the holidays won’t be stressful enough!

So I’ve decided that a lot of new items will be to follow, I’m currently working on a new women’s hat and a women’s ear/headband. Many children and baby hats and fingerless gloves are to follow as well. I’m getting really excited to start knitting again so if anyone has any fun ideas that they would like to see in my shop please comment below! I always appreciate everyone’s feedback and can’t wait to get a few of these items finished and posted. More updates to come!!


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