Branding – Roadrunner Trike

Every day seems to be an adventure in my house, yet I always seem to find a little solace come nightfall. The children are in bed and there’s a calmness in the air, that’s always the moment I like to start working on my many side projects.

This week’s new project is a branding one, I haven’t done branding or communication design in a while so I’m really shifting gears right now and I have to admit I’m having a fun time and remembering why I loved it so many years ago. I’ve plugged in my Bamboo ® tablet and am ready to take off running. However, I always find it a little funny that I sit down with all of my new technologically savvy devices and then turn around and grab the tried and true sketch pad, tracing paper and pencils! I’m still most comfortable setting things up the old school way, maybe once I play around with my fun new toys on the computer I’ll easily navigate but I just don’t use them enough.


I’m currently working on a new logo, business cards and website design for my family who’s buying a trike garage where they add trike kits to people’s motorcycles who can no longer ride like they used to but still want to ride! Above is part of my first sketch, still have a little ways to go on this design and then onto a few more options to see what style they’re going for.  I’ll let you know how the end result turns out!


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