Hale Farm

Have you ever wanted to take a simple little trip, someplace close, not super exciting but something that has been in the back of your mind and you’ve wanted to go do it for quite some time? That was this weekend for me!

Rifle Demonstration
Rifle Demonstration

Last year I decided I wanted to take my son to Hale Farm & Village, its a living museum set in the 19th century, he’s now 9 years old and I figured that’s a good time to take him and maybe learn a thing or two. Possibly even be grateful for everything that he has now. Well, we finally got to go this year and I don’t know who I was kidding…he’s a 9 year old boy who’s only loves are his KindleFire and Lego’s!

Hale Farm
Hale Farm

We did see many cool things and I think we each learned a little something. Even my son found something at the end to pull his interest in, glass blowing!!

Glass Blowing
Glass Blowing

I think every now and then you need to get out and remove yourself from reality, let yourself get away or see things from a different light. That’s exactly what this trip was for us and we all (I mean most of us) had fun!


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