Fall Photos

As the seasons change I find myself breaking out my DSLR more and more and like most moms, photographing my kids! Over this past year of watching my little one grow I also love looking at the pics I’ve taken to see how much I’ve grown in technique.

I still remember when I got my camera about two years ago and was super excited to get it and learn all of its possibilities but then the package arrived on my doorstep. I remember just looking at the box then carefully opening the box and looking at the camera and then carefully packaging it back up so I wouldn’t hurt it. Boy was that fun, great investment! A brand new paperweight!! I was scared to death of this thing, in the back of my mind I kept thinking about how much I just paid for this thing and how I couldn’t let it get hurt. Then I would look at all of the buttons and the user manual and think to myself how do I just take a simple picture?? Not knowing how to operate it and not wanting to break it I would say it probably sat in its box on my desk for a good week or two before I got up the nerve to start playing around with it, after a plethora of questions to my boyfriend on the basics.

This past weekend was a little overcast, gray and cloudy out and I had my son dressed in his adorable Carhartt’s and suddenly had that urge, that creative urge to go out and photograph! Took my little man  outside and after my first couple of locations in the backyard weren’t to his liking we finally found the wood pile to play in. The wood pile made a perfect backdrop, the overcast sky created the perfect lighting for mid day, no harsh sunlight creating strong shadows across my pictures, everything was perfect and since I let my little model pic the location he was happy and smiling in the pics!

Here are a few of my shots from the weekend. Let me know your thoughts and please feel free to give me any tips and advice on these as well, I love constructive criticism! Oh and yes, no digital editing done here, just pure digital photos!



Halloween Costumes

Hard to believe September is coming to a close, but with that it reminds me how incredibly behind I am for the holidays and starting them all off is one of my favorite holidays…HALLOWEEN!!!

In the past I have always made my sons Halloween costumes and he could pick anything that he wanted to be and I would some how figure out how to make it. This year however is different, I really hate buying my babies first costume but I honestly don’t think time is going to allow for two homemade costumes this year 😦 Breaks my heart!

With that said however, my older son and I have begun looking for costumes and let me say I’m not impressed! I think for the past 9 years I have lived inside my own creative mind for costumes that I never paid attention to the department store costumes. Let me just say that there is no selection, they’re all over priced and really cheaply made. I found myself turning to Google last night and we think we have a costume for my older son now but we still have the baby to go. In my mind he was going to be a cute cuddly bear but I’m not finding any of those. Oy!! Back to the drawing board of baby costumes!

Does anyone have any good places to go for costumes?? I’ve looked at Spirit Halloween and Target and random emails for stores I get in my inbox. Thanks for the help!!

Giant Caterpillars Eating your Tomato Plants???

Yep, you read that title correctly! If you have a garden have you ever had giant caterpillars in your garden that you didn’t know what they were, perhaps even thought they were cute and cool like my son and I did last year when we found them? The guys that I’m talking about are often found on tomatoes and some sweet peppers, they’re about the size of your finger and a bright green color and they’re called Tobacco Caterpillars or Tomato Hornworms. These suckers are surprisingly hard to find in the tomato plants, considering their size, but if you do see one on there do not take pictures and say how cute and go inside the house!! Lesson learned last year!

We thought they were super cute last year, never saw anything like that before and wanted to save him in case he was rare! Then my son and I woke up the  next morning and went outside to find sticks where our tomato and sweet pepper plants used to be, every single leaf was gone!! We never saw that one coming!

So all summer long I’ve been carefully watching the tomatoes wondering if they were going to return, haunted by the events that occurred the previous summer. Low and behold I walk out last night to check on the garden and one Roma plant is leafless and two others were half gone. My heart sank for a second then I began my search, I know what did this!

To my surprise this is what I found on my poor Roma plant:

1238368_10101793615212764_1312573182_nThis was my tobacco caterpillar but to my surprise it was covered with little white “eggs” all over its back! I may have freaked out and ran inside to get my son and a jar to catch it in. Raced back to the garden, captured the sucker and saved him for morning so my boyfriend could see him too.

Patting myself on the back I thought I had done good, captured my critter and saved the rest of my tomatoes. Come to find out these little white “eggs” that I was freaking out about are actually cocoons of the Braconid Wasp a parasitic wasp who injects the caterpillar with their eggs, when the eggs hatch they crawl outside of the caterpillar and spin these little cocoons until they’re mature. These wasps just so happen to feast upon these caterpillars and could be helping my garden out immensely!

Oy, lesson #2 about Tobacco Caterpillars learned in year two! Live and learn, next year will be even more educating I’m sure!!

My proud son helped me capture this guy!
My proud son helped me capture this guy!


You’re Only 1 Once

It’s hard to sit here and think that a year has nearly come and gone already. My baby will turn 1 in less than two weeks and we just had his first birthday party over the weekend! How far we’ve come but I have no idea where the time has gone. This boy is now eating solids, he’s mobile and trying to say more and more words. The amount of things that he has learned in this past year just amazes me, children are sponges and they’re learning and growing every day.


Happy Birthday!!
Happy Birthday!!

I think as adults we need to step back and try to see things as a child from time to time to help these creative juices flow. You won’t ever get this year back so use your time wisely and soak up everything that you come across. I’ve been hard at work painting and organizing my craft room and of course knitting like a maniac! Will be posting some of my new items soon, just trying to find that elusive free time! Currently working on a knit cream hat and will have more fingerless gloves and baby hats to follow soon.

Work In Progress
Work In Progress

The crispness in the air has arrived and fall is at our doorsteps, enjoy the change in seasons and the beautiful falls leaves that are beginning to fall!