You’re Only 1 Once

It’s hard to sit here and think that a year has nearly come and gone already. My baby will turn 1 in less than two weeks and we just had his first birthday party over the weekend! How far we’ve come but I have no idea where the time has gone. This boy is now eating solids, he’s mobile and trying to say more and more words. The amount of things that he has learned in this past year just amazes me, children are sponges and they’re learning and growing every day.


Happy Birthday!!
Happy Birthday!!

I think as adults we need to step back and try to see things as a child from time to time to help these creative juices flow. You won’t ever get this year back so use your time wisely and soak up everything that you come across. I’ve been hard at work painting and organizing my craft room and of course knitting like a maniac! Will be posting some of my new items soon, just trying to find that elusive free time! Currently working on a knit cream hat and will have more fingerless gloves and baby hats to follow soon.

Work In Progress
Work In Progress

The crispness in the air has arrived and fall is at our doorsteps, enjoy the change in seasons and the beautiful falls leaves that are beginning to fall!


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