SenSource – Exterior Mural

As many of you know, I had my first ever exterior mural this weekend!! I was soooo stoked, I’ve always wanted to have the opportunity to try my hand at it but just never really knew anyone that would let me paint on their building! When I was little my mom hung huge sheets of paper on the wall so I could draw and color on the walls without doing permanent damage. Then I grew up and had kids and did murals in their rooms which I absolutely loved doing and would love to do that day in and day out! From that I ended up landing a few more small business murals and friends and family murals and now my ultimate mural, the side of a building!!


Being that it’s October in NE Ohio we knew that time and the weather were not on our side so we had to act quick and keep our fingers crossed. Thankfully the weather ended up cooperating this weekend, Saturday called for rain so I sketched everything out and then waited for Sunday to actually do the painting and the weather was absolutely gorgeous Sunday, the sun beating on my back made it almost warm, I believe it was in the 40’s on Sunday and I’m the type of girl that likes the 80’s 😀

Here are a couple more pics from my weekend!! ❤

20131019_111455_resized 20131020_120734_resized




Busy Season Is Upon Us!!

Hello!! I feel that fall and the holiday’s are here! Now this is a good thing but I feel I must apologize to all of my loyal followers that there is currently going to be a slight delay in getting any new items posted in my Etsy shop and blogs may become a little sparse over the next few weeks. I currently have 6 custom order knits (two of which I need to design before making) and two murals that I’m currently working on and I’m finding little to no time to photograph, edit and upload my new items. I’m working hard to stay on track and will get those items listed as soon as possible but I definitely do  not want to get behind on client orders.

Thank you so much for your patience and as always feel free to reach out to me with any questions, concerns or orders that you may have!

Strawberry Shortcake inspired hat!

In case you missed it this weekend, I finally got some pics taken of my Strawberry Shortcake (R) inspired slouch ski hat for girls this weekend and managed to get it up into my Etsy shop! Here are a few sneak peeks but head on over to my shop for the full report!!

il_570xN.512199347_an0l il_570xN.512139128_fkcj

I also managed to enjoy some of the sunny weather that we had here in Ohio over the weekend (not sure how many more weekends we’ll have like this!) I took full advantage and had a mini photoshoot with my youngest son, trying to perfect my photography skills 😀

555944_10101907104155014_740902028_n  I hope everyone else had an amazing weekend too!!1394213_10101907106420474_565357641_n

Strawberry Shortcake Inspired Hat

Somehow I find the time to knit more hats but never find the time to take more pictures of my items! I meant to get this hat posted yesterday but still don’t have the pics ready, so here is a preview of my Strawberry Shortcake inspired kids hat. It’s knitted from a chunky cotton acrylic blend yarn to make this hat super warm and perfect for playing in the snow and skiing!! This hat can be custom made to different sizes if desired, I know I would personally love to wear this hat if it was in my size!!


Hopefully this will be listed on Etsy by the end of the day, the boys will all be out at dinner tonight and leaving me with hopefully at least an hour to myself to quickly clean and update my shop! The power hour 😀

More Baby Hats Coming Your Way

We have yet another new baby beanie added to the Etsy shop today! I really enjoy making these little guys, they’re so quick and easy and not to mention CUTE! 🙂

Today’s beanie is blue with white stripes and little snowflake dots, this creates a beautiful winterlike pattern. It will be perfect for any little boy or girl this winter.


New Item and New Giveaway

Fun things are going on today in my Etsy shop!

First up, I have posted my latest baby beanie, only $20! It’s a beautiful shade of blue with gray stripes and dots patterned throughout. Although its blue it will still look fabulous on little girls!!




Also, today only, if you purchase $25 or more in my Etsy shop you will receive a free knit cord bracelet!! You can’t beat that, just enter BRACELET at checkout and if you have a preference in bracelets just throw that into the comments while ordering or private message me.

Woohoo! Lots of fun! Be sure to check back tomorrow as I’ll have another new item in my shop and hopefully another fun incentive!

Another New Item…Striped Newborn Hat!

It’s getting late in the day and I realized I haven’t updated my new deal for the day, it’s my brand new brown and cream striped baby beanie!!

DSC_3035 DSC_3038


Trying to catch up on photographing some of my items and updating other pics and I took these last night of my adorable, neutral (unisex) baby beanie. I love the stripes on this one, but then again I’ve always LOVED stripes!! Ready to be shipped tomorrow in the newborn size but as always you can customize the size and colors to your liking, just message me!

New Knit Cord Necklace – 20 in 20

I know we’re getting a little late in the day today but here’s the latest item to grace the pages of my shop!



A brand new, sage green cord necklace with a beautiful glass leaf adorning the top. This necklace also has a silver chain to go around your neck which is designed to keep your neck cool on the warmer days. The colors and style of this necklace just screams fall and will accent every outfit beautifully as you go through those corn mazes and drink your apple cider.

Please stop by my shop and as always let me know what you think!!

P.S. I know, it needs much crisper and clearer pics…was in a bit of a hurry! 😉

20 in 20 Challenge

October 1st already!!! I don’t know where the time is going but its definitely not standing still. I can’t believe it’s October and I have no idea what my littlest one is going to be for Halloween. Which also reminds me, I better go order my older sons costume.

With the holidays fast approaching my shop is going to be getting busy, with that said I’m also running a few promotions to get things as busy as possible. For the next 20 days I’m going to be offering different incentives to help spread the word of my shop and I’m hoping you can help me!

Yesterday I offered free shipping for all of my products in the shop but today’s offer is even better! All you have to do is refer a friend to my Etsy shop, if they purchase something then you will receive a free knit bracelet of your choice! If you do refer a friend to my shop please, comment below, email me or send me a message through Etsy so I know you get the credit. (Please note that you will have to pay shipping if you are not local (NE Ohio/Western PA area).)

I will be posting each days incentive on my blog, as well as, my Twitter and Facebook pages so please stop by, check out the offer and share, share, share!!!

Thanks again for all of the love and support!!