SenSource – Exterior Mural

As many of you know, I had my first ever exterior mural this weekend!! I was soooo stoked, I’ve always wanted to have the opportunity to try my hand at it but just never really knew anyone that would let me paint on their building! When I was little my mom hung huge sheets of paper on the wall so I could draw and color on the walls without doing permanent damage. Then I grew up and had kids and did murals in their rooms which I absolutely loved doing and would love to do that day in and day out! From that I ended up landing a few more small business murals and friends and family murals and now my ultimate mural, the side of a building!!


Being that it’s October in NE Ohio we knew that time and the weather were not on our side so we had to act quick and keep our fingers crossed. Thankfully the weather ended up cooperating this weekend, Saturday called for rain so I sketched everything out and then waited for Sunday to actually do the painting and the weather was absolutely gorgeous Sunday, the sun beating on my back made it almost warm, I believe it was in the 40’s on Sunday and I’m the type of girl that likes the 80’s 😀

Here are a couple more pics from my weekend!! ❤

20131019_111455_resized 20131020_120734_resized




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