Happy Thanksgiving!! And enjoy a special offer this weekend!

It’s Thanksgiving once again, my favorite holiday!! I love all of the food, watching the parade, staying in jammies until you feel like getting dressed, munching on leftovers, watching the football games and spending time with family…can’t get much better!

Being in Ohio we were once again blessed with a snow storm right before I was supposed to drive an hour away.



Needless to say those plans changed but the roads are now clear so at least Thanksgiving morning will still go as planned. Lots of traveling to see the families with excited little boys in tow will be tomorrow’s plans. Hoping to maybe, possibly get in a quick photoshoot in the snow but I have a feeling that’s just wishful thinking…but boy things sure are beautiful at our house right now. It’s a winter wonderland!

Please support small businesses this holiday season and participate in Small Business Saturday this weekend! Stop by my Etsy shop in between meals all weekend long to receive 5% off your purchase! Just enter GIVING5 at checkout. Or sign up for my newsletter to receive 10% off this weekend πŸ˜‰

I hope everyone has a safe and fun Thanksgiving holiday!!


Fun and Productive Weekend

I feel like the closer we get to the holiday’s the faster our weeks and especially weekends are going by! This weekend flew by as usual, I managed nearly finish my custom hat and just need to package that up tonight and looks like tomorrow I’ll begin another cowl. Love starting new projects!!

Saturday started off as a beautiful day and we started getting ready for the Cub Scouts to come over around noon, they weren’t coming until 3PM but we figured we could start our bonfire early, get the coals good and hot since it was so blustery out, then this is what happened once people arrive:



Yes, out of nowhere the snow decided to show up! There was snow in the forecast but the morning was so beautiful and sunny, sure it was cold and windy but didn’t look like this. Guess I shouldn’t expect anything less in Ohio. I was just thankful I was in the house with my little marathon napper and his friends:

EthanRex EthanRexPhoenix


Warm and cozy!!

Hope everyone else had a fun weekend and please remember to check back here on Wednesday for your Black Friday/Small Business Saturday/Cyber Monday deal!!!

Busy day and busier weekend!

Things have been pretty busy around here and the orders don’t seem to be slowing down which is great news!! Just enjoyed another trip to Joann Fabrics for some new yarn and wooden buttons, its so hard to stay on task when going there, just want a little shopping spree!! Planning on working on another hat tonight and hopefully I’ll finish that this weekend then onto my third cowl. Thinking maybe after the holidays I’ll make myself a new scarf…gotta treat myself too! πŸ™‚



I think the rest of the weekend holds grocery shopping, fetching some water from the spring and teaching the Cub Scouts about fire safety and feeding them a meal from our campfire. Guess we’ll need to bundle up, its only supposed to be 33 degrees here tomorrow! Not my idea of fun weather!

I hope everyone else enjoys their weekend, stay warm!!

Such A Good Feeling

Welp, I finished up a few last details to my custom portrait last night and managed to finish my 2nd cowl up too! Very productive night, felt so accomplished! Unfortunately I didn’t take a pic of my second cowl yet but that is soon to follow. Here’s my finished portrait though, let me know your thoughts!!



I’ve also decided to make my blue and red Son Gohan inspired hat available to the public just in time for Christmas, this is a custom order though so please make sure you allow approximately 1 week for it to be made prior to shipping. If rush orders are needed please make sure you private message me or note it in the comments when ordering.


Christmas Photo Shoot!!

Aye, ye, ye…what a photoshoot!! Now my 14 month old did exactly as I had thought he would, randomly wandering and never sitting still but my 10 year old just wasn’t feeling the pics. Constantly 10 ft away from us and doing his own thing, apparently didn’t want to be in these pics with his brother. We did manage to get a couple of good pics though and may attempt a second shoot before Christmas, we’ll see how the weather holds up for us! Still would like a pic of both boys and Rex, we shall see!!


We headed down to downtown Poland, OH on Saturday…that was also Ethan’s 14 month birthday!! Time is really flying!! But we used the back of the Poland library and the field at Town Hall as our back drops. Weather was perfect, was a little concerned that I might need to bundle my little guy up but with an undershirt and sweater he was plenty warm! We did a casual little walk around and waited for something to spark Ethan’s interest and would start flashing that camera, one thing we know all too well with toddlers is that you have to work fast and you CAN’T always get the shot you want. All in all I think our photos turned out pretty good, it’s a mix of my shooting and big Drew’s. I love getting home and looking at them on the computer because I can usually tell the two different styles apart.

E-dog running wild!

1454624_10102002547520744_25908988_n 1390600_10102002545849094_1368204459_n

Thankfully we did manage to get our shoot done on Saturday though because on Sunday morning the rain was already here and by Sunday night the winds were so strong it threw out our power for a few hours. The lack of power meant I couldn’t finish my portrait illustration I wanted to get sent out today but it also meant that I got to go to bed early which is something my body desperately needed. Guess I’ll look at the power outage as a good thing πŸ™‚

Hope everyone else had a great weekend and Happy 14 months to Ethan!!!!

Ready for the weekend!!

I can’t believe we’ve made it to Friday already, this week flew by! I hope everyone has some fun weekend projects going on or at least a nice relaxing weekend, sometimes those are the best! As for us I think we’re going to attempt taking our Christmas photos!! The weather looks like it will be pretty nice for Ohio in November (moderate you could say), would have liked a little snow in the background but with the little guy I’d rather the warmer weather so he doesn’t freeze. Hopefully we get a handful of cute one’s, thinking about taking Rex with us and hopefully (HOPEFULLY!!) get a good family photo…this might be tricky trying to get a dog and baby to look at a black box on a tripod πŸ™‚ But hopefully the kids shots will at least turn out even if the family one doesn’t. Cannot wait, been loving my camera lately! PHOTOSHOOT!!!

This weekend we’ll also be hosting the Cub Scout den meeting at our house, I’m sure that will be loads of fun. With our awesome yard we’ll be showing the kids how to build a proper bonfire and letting them “cook” a meal over it. I’m sure it will be an awesome meal of hotdogs and smores or something easy for our group of 10 year olds!

And hopefully I’ll be finishing up my latest portrait illustration and possibly even one of my cowls! Here’s my latest WIP pic of my portrait!



Enjoy your weekend!!!

SenSource In the Local Paper

I feel like there is always something exciting going on around her lately, things are definitely busy this time of year.

First off, remember the mural that I did for SenSource a few weeks back? Just found out they made it on the front page of the business section of our local paper the Vindicator! Right there, standing in front of my mural…eeek!!! My dream come true mural just got even better πŸ™‚ (And yes, we did have to run out and buy a copy of the paper!! Framing that shit over my desk as a constant reminder of dreams coming true!!)

That's my mural! :)
That’s my mural! πŸ™‚

That just really made my day, actually it may have made my week πŸ˜€ And might I add, SenSource is an amazing group of people, absolutely love working with them!!

In other news I’m still working on finishing up two cowls and just got a custom order for a pen and ink portrait. Was so excited to start this one as I feel like I’ve been doing nothing but knitting and crocheting lately. Feels good to have a pencil in my hand again! Here’s my initial sketch for approval, inking begins tonight!!


Birthday Celebration Weekend

What a whirlwind weekend and I think we’re all exhausted, tried to spend yesterday resting and watching The Croods but that didn’t go as planned!

Friday night was my sons actual birthday so we let him choose where he would like to go and he chose Menchies for some froyo! That was fun, it was fairly quiet in there so Ethan could walk around a bit while Drew enjoyed his treat!

Enjoying a little Menchies!!
Enjoying a little Menchies!!
Little brother making friends in the middle of the restaurant!
Little brother making friends in the middle of the restaurant!

Then Saturday came around, as my son was at Cub Scouts his little brother and I decorated! Well, I decorated, not quite sure I can say the same for Ethan BUT he did have fun and that’s all that really matters!! Oh and might I mention he did hand the balloons up to me while I was on the chair hanging them on the wall. Awesome help until he found the streamers!

Decorating or teepeeing?!? You decide!
Decorating or teepeeing?!? You decide!
After all that hardwork we needed a break!
After all that hardwork we needed a break!

Then Drew came home and told me this is the best birthday ever because I had decorated! Haha Apparently I didn’t decorate quite like this in previous years. Evening started and my sons friends came over, oy, Rex loved the kids and sooooo wanted to play, Ethan sooooo wanted to play too and it was then that we realized it was the wrong day to try and wean Ethan off of bottles, talk about a meltdown! When he couldn’t play with Drew and his friends there was just no pleasing this kid, so of course, I gave in! He got a little bottle, Drew and his friends came down and everyone was happy again, had a little pizza and of course the birthday cake!

Let's make a wish!!
Let’s make a wish!!

The boys then played video games all night long, after waking Ethan around 11ish they went upstairs where they continued their laughter and shouting and playing until about 2AM. Needless to say a certain someone didn’t sleep in their room and when I attempted sleeping in my room it was apparently too hot, so yep you probably guessed it, little guy and I rolled out the futon and slept in the living room! Peaceful slumber!

All the boys woke up early and enjoyed waffles!

All the boys woke up early and enjoyed waffles!

Ethan wouldn’t miss out on breakfast with the boys and thankfully the boys were awesome with Ethan! ❀

Phew all the boys went home and it was time to relax a bit but a certain someone only took one nap yesterday, went to bed early so we popped in The CroodsΒ (hilarious!!). Thought it would be a nice relaxing night but as the movie was reaching its last 5 minutes someone awoke and continued to wake about every half hour until about 9:30PM, then again at 2AM and rise and shine at 5:30AM. Here’s hoping that tonight will be much smoother and much more restful!!

Oh did I mention I knitted about 3 rows of my new cowl in between all of the waking, finally got to a point and said screw this, lets try again tomorrow!! πŸ™‚

Happy Birthday Drew!!!

Happy 10th Birthday to my little man!!! He turns the big 1-0 today…double digits!!! I really don’t know how we already got to this point, I don’t feel like we’ve already been together for 10 whole years. The time has flown by and we’ve had many ups and downs, he’s been through a lot with me and we’ve always held each other together through it all. I couldn’t have asked for a better son and CANNOT wait to see what the next 10 years are going to bring. I wish nothing but the best for him on the future paths that he chooses.



This will probably be a slightly busy weekend for us, tonight we’re taking Drew out for some b-day froyo, then tomorrow we will be getting ready to have a few of his friends over. Pizza and cake and as long as the weather holds out bonfire!! Should be good times ahead πŸ™‚

All of the chaos also means that I may not have a much time for knitting this weekend but I will try to sneak some in anywhere I can! Look at my poor drafting table turned knitting station! I’ll find the surface again by spring πŸ˜€


The Knitting Continues

Have I mentioned that I love to knit?! I love that its so easy to do while you sit on the couch and watch a movie, I’m one of those that can’t just sit still, always need to be doing something so knitting is perfect for me. I’ve been working on three cowls that need to be done by Christmas and have one and a half of them done but then a custom order came through my Etsy shop for another little baby Trunks hat so that had to take precedence last night. As I sat watching one of my favorite shows right now, SOA, I worked on this little guy!



Almost done, I’ll finish it up tonight and then back to my custom cowls for the holidays!!

I also just renewed one of my paintings on Etsy so be sure to check it out!