Weekend Review!!

What a fun weekend!! But they always seem to fly by! My mom’s birthday is coming up on the 7th and my oldest son’s is on the 8th so we started off our weekend by going to my parents house to celebrate the two of them. The hour long drive was obviously a little too exhausting for the boys…



We had a lot of fun and enjoyed a nice lunch, even though it was my mom’s birthday she still made us lunch, she’s the best! We had curry rice and some yummy sushi rolls!! Mmmmm!!

On our way down we also stopped at my in-laws to drop off a few baby items, cleaning out our house for our step sister who is now expecting!! Yay!!!

Then Sunday rolled around and although it was really frigid the sun was shining and it was one of those days where the sun shines right on all of the dirty items in your house haha Our house hasn’t been this clean since spring! We even scrubbed the tile floors and grout and cleaned the stove tops and oven, completely cleaned out my older sons room (huge accomplishment there!!) while cleaning his room we found toys that my youngest can play with and other toys to donate and store away for when my youngest gets a little older.  Phew it was a busy weekend! But my younger son did find his older brother’s old Lion King car…Loves it!!!



With the craziness of the weekend, daylight savings time and my son teething again I didn’t get much sleep and didn’t do much knitting but I’m back to the grind tonight!! Can’t wait, working on another custom cowl! Oh and here’s a sneak peak of a different custom cowl I finished last week.



Lastly, if you don’t already know of my friend Carlyn’s photography business Carlyn K Photography, you definitely need to check her out!! She’s hit 1,000 likes on FB and we’re trying to help her hit her second 1,000. Please stop by her FB page and like her, she’s also giving away a $25 Starbuck’s giftcard if you like her page and share the giveaway offer, you’re missing out if you don’t swing by and say hi!! Oh and if you read her blog for the day she’s also giving away a canvas print…did I mention you should check her out??? 🙂


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