SenSource In the Local Paper

I feel like there is always something exciting going on around her lately, things are definitely busy this time of year.

First off, remember the mural that I did for SenSource a few weeks back? Just found out they made it on the front page of the business section of our local paper the Vindicator! Right there, standing in front of my mural…eeek!!! My dream come true mural just got even better 🙂 (And yes, we did have to run out and buy a copy of the paper!! Framing that shit over my desk as a constant reminder of dreams coming true!!)

That's my mural! :)
That’s my mural! 🙂

That just really made my day, actually it may have made my week 😀 And might I add, SenSource is an amazing group of people, absolutely love working with them!!

In other news I’m still working on finishing up two cowls and just got a custom order for a pen and ink portrait. Was so excited to start this one as I feel like I’ve been doing nothing but knitting and crocheting lately. Feels good to have a pencil in my hand again! Here’s my initial sketch for approval, inking begins tonight!!



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