Ready for the weekend!!

I can’t believe we’ve made it to Friday already, this week flew by! I hope everyone has some fun weekend projects going on or at least a nice relaxing weekend, sometimes those are the best! As for us I think we’re going to attempt taking our Christmas photos!! The weather looks like it will be pretty nice for Ohio in November (moderate you could say), would have liked a little snow in the background but with the little guy I’d rather the warmer weather so he doesn’t freeze. Hopefully we get a handful of cute one’s, thinking about taking Rex with us and hopefully (HOPEFULLY!!) get a good family photo…this might be tricky trying to get a dog and baby to look at a black box on a tripod 🙂 But hopefully the kids shots will at least turn out even if the family one doesn’t. Cannot wait, been loving my camera lately! PHOTOSHOOT!!!

This weekend we’ll also be hosting the Cub Scout den meeting at our house, I’m sure that will be loads of fun. With our awesome yard we’ll be showing the kids how to build a proper bonfire and letting them “cook” a meal over it. I’m sure it will be an awesome meal of hotdogs and smores or something easy for our group of 10 year olds!

And hopefully I’ll be finishing up my latest portrait illustration and possibly even one of my cowls! Here’s my latest WIP pic of my portrait!



Enjoy your weekend!!!


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