Christmas Photo Shoot!!

Aye, ye, ye…what a photoshoot!! Now my 14 month old did exactly as I had thought he would, randomly wandering and never sitting still but my 10 year old just wasn’t feeling the pics. Constantly 10 ft away from us and doing his own thing, apparently didn’t want to be in these pics with his brother. We did manage to get a couple of good pics though and may attempt a second shoot before Christmas, we’ll see how the weather holds up for us! Still would like a pic of both boys and Rex, we shall see!!


We headed down to downtown Poland, OH on Saturday…that was also Ethan’s 14 month birthday!! Time is really flying!! But we used the back of the Poland library and the field at Town Hall as our back drops. Weather was perfect, was a little concerned that I might need to bundle my little guy up but with an undershirt and sweater he was plenty warm! We did a casual little walk around and waited for something to spark Ethan’s interest and would start flashing that camera, one thing we know all too well with toddlers is that you have to work fast and you CAN’T always get the shot you want. All in all I think our photos turned out pretty good, it’s a mix of my shooting and big Drew’s. I love getting home and looking at them on the computer because I can usually tell the two different styles apart.

E-dog running wild!

1454624_10102002547520744_25908988_n 1390600_10102002545849094_1368204459_n

Thankfully we did manage to get our shoot done on Saturday though because on Sunday morning the rain was already here and by Sunday night the winds were so strong it threw out our power for a few hours. The lack of power meant I couldn’t finish my portrait illustration I wanted to get sent out today but it also meant that I got to go to bed early which is something my body desperately needed. Guess I’ll look at the power outage as a good thing 🙂

Hope everyone else had a great weekend and Happy 14 months to Ethan!!!!


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