Fun and Productive Weekend

I feel like the closer we get to the holiday’s the faster our weeks and especially weekends are going by! This weekend flew by as usual, I managed nearly finish my custom hat and just need to package that up tonight and looks like tomorrow I’ll begin another cowl. Love starting new projects!!

Saturday started off as a beautiful day and we started getting ready for the Cub Scouts to come over around noon, they weren’t coming until 3PM but we figured we could start our bonfire early, get the coals good and hot since it was so blustery out, then this is what happened once people arrive:



Yes, out of nowhere the snow decided to show up! There was snow in the forecast but the morning was so beautiful and sunny, sure it was cold and windy but didn’t look like this. Guess I shouldn’t expect anything less in Ohio. I was just thankful I was in the house with my little marathon napper and his friends:

EthanRex EthanRexPhoenix


Warm and cozy!!

Hope everyone else had a fun weekend and please remember to check back here on Wednesday for your Black Friday/Small Business Saturday/Cyber Monday deal!!!


One thought on “Fun and Productive Weekend

  1. Aw, cute pictures! They’re both so sweet! I live in California, so while we don’t get snow, it does get cold here. Cold to us is around 39 degrees. I grew up in Iowa though, so I know how bad winter weather can be.

    I’m also a crocheter and obsessed with cowls. I hope you have a great rest of the week!

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