Happy Thanksgiving!! And enjoy a special offer this weekend!

It’s Thanksgiving once again, my favorite holiday!! I love all of the food, watching the parade, staying in jammies until you feel like getting dressed, munching on leftovers, watching the football games and spending time with family…can’t get much better!

Being in Ohio we were once again blessed with a snow storm right before I was supposed to drive an hour away.



Needless to say those plans changed but the roads are now clear so at least Thanksgiving morning will still go as planned. Lots of traveling to see the families with excited little boys in tow will be tomorrow’s plans. Hoping to maybe, possibly get in a quick photoshoot in the snow but I have a feeling that’s just wishful thinking…but boy things sure are beautiful at our house right now. It’s a winter wonderland!

Please support small businesses this holiday season and participate in Small Business Saturday this weekend! Stop by my Etsy shop in between meals all weekend long to receive 5% off your purchase! Just enter GIVING5 at checkout. Or sign up for my newsletter to receive 10% off this weekend 😉

I hope everyone has a safe and fun Thanksgiving holiday!!


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