‘Tis The Season

Thanksgiving has now passed and the holiday season is upon us! Love this time of year and watching the glow in each little child’s eye.

I know my youngest had a glow in his eye over the weekend when he saw us pull out all of our holiday boxes of decorations. My boyfriend told me he didn’t know how I could be so patient as he watched my little helper trying to run off with the string of lights that were attached to the tree and running around with an ornament in each hand most of the day, he just never knew which two to pick out! Here are a few pics from my fun weekend with the boys, cherished every moment!

1393499_10102040573895584_1963821838_n 1463682_10102040573900574_765585082_n 1480563_10102040572513354_221205194_n 1476064_10102040571171044_527056681_n

With just a few hours left to Cyber Monday I’d like to offer out a 10% discount to all of my loyal blog readers, just stop by my Etsy shop and enter GIVING10 at checkout to receive 10% off your order before midnight tonight.

Well, I can’t get the links to work within the blog today, so here’s my shop link 🙂 https://www.etsy.com/shop/melissahager?ref=pr_shop_more


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