Weekend Projects!

These weeks are just flying by and as each day passes I’m just reminded of how far behind I am in my holiday shopping! Some how I’ll get it all done. As long as the weather holds out I plan on getting most of the kids gifts done this weekend, love toy shopping its my favorite. But love watching the children’s faces on Christmas morning even more!

I’ve been working on a few projects recently, here’s one of my recent cowls



Haven’t had a chance to take a decent pic of my other cowl yet and leave it to me to start a project with scrap yarn…a new crochet hat in a nice hunter green color. Now I knew very well before I started the project that it wasn’t enough to finish the hat and would need to buy more but I honestly didn’t think that the dye could have varied so much. I’ve always been told to make sure you buy enough yarn for a project all at once but never really ran into an issue with the colors being too far off to be visible to the human eye. Thankfully I brought a scrap piece of the yarn to match up at the store just in case because it was WAY off! So guess we’re onto plan B, I bought a completely different yarn that I love and can’t wait to make stuff out of it and will just undo my half a hat and just make a baby hat out of it. Problem solved, shame I put about 2 hours into it already and have to take it all apart. Oh well, lesson learned! But there was a great sale on buttons today so even though I couldn’t get that yarn my sale find on buttons turned my frown upside down. Can’t wait for a bunch of new projects this winter!!

What is everyone else doing this weekend? Its going to be quite chilly and snowy here so I’m not quite sure that we’ll be able to make it to the Lighting of Poland Village (an event we look forward to every year) but perhaps we’ll put on a Christmas movie and cuddle up on the couch!

Have a wonderful weekend!!


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