Breakfast for Dinner

Do you ever have those days where nothing sounds good for dinner, but of course one thing…BREAKFAST!!! Yep, that was last night, we took a cheater night and had some pancakes and eggs and bacon for dinner, after a long day and easy meal is best and that gave us energy to stay up and work on a few projects. Seems like there is always something that needs attention around there.

With our easy dinner we also made a few leftover pancakes which let me just say the boys killed this morning for breakfast as they fought over the TV πŸ™‚ Gotta love the sibling rivalry, poor Drew lost to his brother who had the remote first, he’s such a trooper!

Watching cartoons before big brother wakes
Watching cartoons before big brother wakes
The battle for the remote!
The battle for the remote!

Oh and did you notice Ethan’s pancake is hardly even on his napkin?!? Probably why our couch looks the way it does πŸ˜€



B-School Dreams

For all of the other entrepreneurs out there I have to throw this out there because its been a dream of mine to actually participate in this. But the registration for Marie Forleo’s B-School is now open for registration for about another week. It’s a wonderful opportunity for entrepreneur’s to learn the in’s and out’s of their business and where they need to focus their attention to get the biggest bang! I’ve been following Marie Forleo and her MarieTV for a few years now and love what she has to offer and her energy is amazing, definitely check her out!

I also have to share a little image from the weekend, I was trying to do a mini shoot with my youngest this weekend. Trying to finesse my photography skills, shooting indoors is not my strong point even with my wonderful flash unit I still have issues but I keep practicing and what better subject than my 1 year old! That was until this weekend…he apparently learned the word “no” and in this picture he specifically told me “No more!” and pointed right at me! It was so stinking cute that I had to obey his request so there weren’t many images from this shoot. Guess I need to find a new model, mine got lippy πŸ™‚

No more!
No more!

Moving On Up

The weekend flew by once again, started off with a nice evening at home for my birthday on Friday, my boyfriend even got me 400 Pound Monkey beer from Left Hand Brewing...I’ve never had it before but he knows I love monkey’s and he likes Left Hand Brewing so why not try it and it was delicious!! Highly recommend it if you like IPA’s!

Birthday Beer!!
Birthday Beer!!

Saturday started off at my parents house, where my toddler had to pull a table down on top of himself within the first 30 seconds of being there…never a dull moment with toddlers!! Then we were off to my older son’s Blue and Gold banquet where he became a Webelo II, this will be his last year in Cub Scouts, so bittersweet, I don’t know where this time has gone! Every year we have a cake auction at the Blue & Gold banquet and our fun Pinterest inspired cake got the 2nd highest bid and won Best Design!! I should have been making cakes for the auction sooner, this was our first attempt! πŸ™‚


To end my weekend, here are two separate pictures, same nap but some movement happened along the way. The first pic includes the elusive Kali (she doesn’t typically nap with him) and then he rolled his way off the blanket completely getting a little closer to Rex, his normal nap buddy!

20140223_140849_resized 20140223_150847_resized

Birthday Treat & New Shop Look!!

YAY, it’s my birthday today!!!!!! In order to let everyone celebrate it with me I’m offering 21% off my Etsy shop, today only!! Just enter coupon code BIRTHDAY at check out. There’s so many things to choose from and with the winter that we’ve been having you may even want to stock up!



I’ve also been very busy trying to update my shop and website, many changes will be coming this year so keep checking back. Here’s my new banner that you’ll now see on my website and on my Facebook page! One of the changes I’m making this year will be the name of my shop, hopefully it will make it easier for people to find me.

Ready for this weekend to start, should be busy, no birthday plans but getting our car fixed up, visiting with the parents and my son’s Blue and Gold banquet for scouts, he’s becoming a Webelo II time has flown by!!

Yarn Projects

It was another busy weekend, finished another custom order and was hopeful to finish my latest project but Monday night the power went out and then yesterday I ran out of yarn! Hate when that happens, but that did mean an impromptu trip to Joann Fabrics!

Making progress though!!


Hoping to finish this project this week and work on updating a few things within my shop!

Snow Day

I never seem to know what my day is going to bring this winter, this morning I woke up knowing that my son had a two hour delay with school from all of the snow that we got, then as I sat comfortably on our living room floor playing trucks with my youngest I saw the news reel say “Closed” next to his school name. Of course that comes across at 10 ’til 8AM so I hurried and got dressed and out the door we went for work. Starting off a little frazzled, I’ve managed to catch up pretty well but have my sons first orthodontist appointment today. Now if you know anything about my son, one of things you probably know is that he HATES the dentist! This should be a fun afternoon but hopefully I’ll have happy stories for you all tomorrow. Here’s hoping that my 10 year old doesn’t break down in tears today!


And here’s my precious little man, napping with his cat this weekend! Growing so fast, melts my heart!


Happy Valentine’s Day

I hope everyone has a very Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

This weekend seems to have a million things going on all at once, first was my sister’s birthday, now Valentine’s Day, my nephew’s birthday and grandma’s birthday, that’s a lot to pack into one weekend! I hope everyone enjoy’s the evening whether it be out for a date night or a romantic or family fun night at home. I’m still wondering exactly where I’ll be tonight, my boyfriend said he’s “thinking outside of the box” this year…sure hope I’m not over dressed!!


I’m not sure how many of you are familiar with the Nielsen rating system, maybe it’s the advertising nerd in me, but I was super excited when I saw the Nielsen envelope show up at my house!! I took a number of advertising classes in college that talked about how important their rating system is for marketing and advertisers. There’s no way for anyone to know exactly what people watch, I know kinda weird in this world that feels like Big Brother is always watching, but they state that there’s no way for them to know. So it was always important to have these diary’s to know exactly what people are watching.

Now everyone that knows me, knows that I’m the queen of survey’s and getting free stuff, not sure if that’s how they found my name but I jumped right on board when that envelope showed up, there was no twisting of my arm! As I pulled out my diaries so excited to fill them in and flipping page by page to see exactly what I needed to do I thought it was going to be a breeze. But now that my week of tracking is complete, I can say it was much harder than I initially thought! Half the time I wasn’t home to see what others were watching, other times I was in and out of the room not paying attention to what was on. The poor Drew’s had to keep filling me in until they finally figured out how to write in their entries so I’d stop asking them!

As hard as it was for me to pay attention to what we were watching, I’m still very excited to have been part of the Nielsen rating system! Sent my 3 booklets in today and now I’m ready to enjoy the weekend of mindless TV πŸ˜€

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!!


Crochet Color Blocking

It’s so nice to have a little breather moment after the hustle of the holidays and custom orders! Now that I have a little extra time I’m starting a few new projects and one thing that I’ve never taken the time to learn is color blocking with crochet, I’ve done it in knitting but never crochet, so I thought what better time than now.

There’s always a learning curve to anything new that you try so of course I ran into a little hiccup with my new creation, but I think it was a happy hiccup! By the time I worked enough of my project to see the picture that I was creating I realized there’s one major difference with crochet to knitting, crochet works on a diagonal! How I never realized this, I don’t know, but something I won’t forget anytime soon! Once I realized what was happening I had a decision to make, do I pull it all apart and start over or do I continue down the path that I’m on. After tossing it around I decided that with the picture I’m creating I think the slanted version looks just fine so we’re pushing forward. Thinking I may even keep this little number for Β myself πŸ™‚

Progress Pic #1
Progress Pic #1
Progress Pic #2
Progress Pic #2

Any ideas of what it might be??Β 

Do you agree this was a happy hiccup?? πŸ™‚

I’d love to hear in the comments below!




This year is speeding by, I can’t believe its mid-February and I haven’t created a post to ring in 2014! I feel like I have a million coals in the fire, which is an amazing thing but just a little hectic right now. Hoping 2014 is going to be amazing!!

One of the things I want to start this year, I’ve seen a handful of links on FB of people doing this, is taking a pic of my youngest napping with his dog (and sometimes cat) each weekend. The idea was absolutely adorable and heartwarming so of course I had to start photographing my own son and his animals that love him so. Not sure if this is going to be something more for myself, family or friends but I hope everyone enjoys it! Here’s my first pic to share taken yesterday:

Napping buddies!
Napping buddies!

I’ve also been hard at work creating some new items for my Etsy shop and just recently posted a handful of those items, still a few more at home that need photographed and posted but here’s a sampling of what’s available now:


I also have a new colorblocking project I’m working on, cannot wait to see the finished product and just started my youngest son’s scrapbook, boy am I behind!! I’m also working on a new side project that’s going to be keeping me pretty busy at night but hopefully I’ll have some exciting new announcements to come in the near future!!

Hope everyone is having a fabulous 2014 and cannot wait to share my adventures with you!!