This year is speeding by, I can’t believe its mid-February and I haven’t created a post to ring in 2014! I feel like I have a million coals in the fire, which is an amazing thing but just a little hectic right now. Hoping 2014 is going to be amazing!!

One of the things I want to start this year, I’ve seen a handful of links on FB of people doing this, is taking a pic of my youngest napping with his dog (and sometimes cat) each weekend. The idea was absolutely adorable and heartwarming so of course I had to start photographing my own son and his animals that love him so. Not sure if this is going to be something more for myself, family or friends but I hope everyone enjoys it! Here’s my first pic to share taken yesterday:

Napping buddies!
Napping buddies!

I’ve also been hard at work creating some new items for my Etsy shop and just recently posted a handful of those items, still a few more at home that need photographed and posted but here’s a sampling of what’s available now:


I also have a new colorblocking project I’m working on, cannot wait to see the finished product and just started my youngest son’s scrapbook, boy am I behind!! I’m also working on a new side project that’s going to be keeping me pretty busy at night but hopefully I’ll have some exciting new announcements to come in the near future!!

Hope everyone is having a fabulous 2014 and cannot wait to share my adventures with you!!


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