Crochet Color Blocking

It’s so nice to have a little breather moment after the hustle of the holidays and custom orders! Now that I have a little extra time I’m starting a few new projects and one thing that I’ve never taken the time to learn is color blocking with crochet, I’ve done it in knitting but never crochet, so I thought what better time than now.

There’s always a learning curve to anything new that you try so of course I ran into a little hiccup with my new creation, but I think it was a happy hiccup! By the time I worked enough of my project to see the picture that I was creating I realized there’s one major difference with crochet to knitting, crochet works on a diagonal! How I never realized this, I don’t know, but something I won’t forget anytime soon! Once I realized what was happening I had a decision to make, do I pull it all apart and start over or do I continue down the path that I’m on. After tossing it around I decided that with the picture I’m creating I think the slanted version looks just fine so we’re pushing forward. Thinking I may even keep this little number for  myself 🙂

Progress Pic #1
Progress Pic #1
Progress Pic #2
Progress Pic #2

Any ideas of what it might be?? 

Do you agree this was a happy hiccup?? 🙂

I’d love to hear in the comments below!




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