Happy Valentine’s Day

I hope everyone has a very Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

This weekend seems to have a million things going on all at once, first was my sister’s birthday, now Valentine’s Day, my nephew’s birthday and grandma’s birthday, that’s a lot to pack into one weekend! I hope everyone enjoy’s the evening whether it be out for a date night or a romantic or family fun night at home. I’m still wondering exactly where I’ll be tonight, my boyfriend said he’s “thinking outside of the box” this year…sure hope I’m not over dressed!!


I’m not sure how many of you are familiar with the Nielsen rating system, maybe it’s the advertising nerd in me, but I was super excited when I saw the Nielsen envelope show up at my house!! I took a number of advertising classes in college that talked about how important their rating system is for marketing and advertisers. There’s no way for anyone to know exactly what people watch, I know kinda weird in this world that feels like Big Brother is always watching, but they state that there’s no way for them to know. So it was always important to have these diary’s to know exactly what people are watching.

Now everyone that knows me, knows that I’m the queen of survey’s and getting free stuff, not sure if that’s how they found my name but I jumped right on board when that envelope showed up, there was no twisting of my arm! As I pulled out my diaries so excited to fill them in and flipping page by page to see exactly what I needed to do I thought it was going to be a breeze. But now that my week of tracking is complete, I can say it was much harder than I initially thought! Half the time I wasn’t home to see what others were watching, other times I was in and out of the room not paying attention to what was on. The poor Drew’s had to keep filling me in until they finally figured out how to write in their entries so I’d stop asking them!

As hard as it was for me to pay attention to what we were watching, I’m still very excited to have been part of the Nielsen rating system! Sent my 3 booklets in today and now I’m ready to enjoy the weekend of mindless TV 😀

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!!



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