B-School Dreams

For all of the other entrepreneurs out there I have to throw this out there because its been a dream of mine to actually participate in this. But the registration for Marie Forleo’s B-School is now open for registration for about another week. It’s a wonderful opportunity for entrepreneur’s to learn the in’s and out’s of their business and where they need to focus their attention to get the biggest bang! I’ve been following Marie Forleo and her MarieTV for a few years now and love what she has to offer and her energy is amazing, definitely check her out!

I also have to share a little image from the weekend, I was trying to do a mini shoot with my youngest this weekend. Trying to finesse my photography skills, shooting indoors is not my strong point even with my wonderful flash unit I still have issues but I keep practicing and what better subject than my 1 year old! That was until this weekend…he apparently learned the word “no” and in this picture he specifically told me “No more!” and pointed right at me! It was so stinking cute that I had to obey his request so there weren’t many images from this shoot. Guess I need to find a new model, mine got lippy 🙂

No more!
No more!

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